Game day is upon us and this year the party is at your place! The expected kid-to-adult guest ratio might move you to call ‘foul’. How can one possibly appeal to both ages? But, time out friends! Panic not. Here are some strategic plays that will help keep young and old feeling like this party is scoring well into the end zone—ultimately awarding you the final foodie touchdown.

Pre-Game Prep

Tackle what you can the day before so you are free to mingle. Consider for example the Potato Cheese Bacon Mini Tarts. These little gems can be made, frozen, then reheated when needed.

Another easy make-ahead option that will score big points with your guests are these Double-Stuffed Buffalo Ranch Potatoes.

A plate of vegan double stuffed buffalo ranch potatoes.


Kick off with Family Friendly Finger Foods

 Nachos are a football favorite, and the fact that if it can be eaten without utensils means kids will go for it. Try these tasty Nacho Potato Bites.



Pro Tip: Do a half batch without chili powder for your wee quarter backers who might balk at the spice.

Another easy finger food recipe are these Jalapeño Stuffed Potatoes—Creamer potatoes stuffed with cream cheese, bacon, and a flavorful assortment of spices. You can save time with this recipe by boiling your potatoes the night before.


Jalapeno Stuffed Potatoes - The Little Potato Company

Halftime Main Show

For your feature meal, you are not going to want to drag everyone into the kitchen away from the TV to load their plates—a definite penalty. Instead, bring out these pre-made Orange Chicken Pineapple Potato Kebabs. Protein? Check. Vegetables? Check. Zero dishes to wash? Check, check, check.

Pro Tip: The night before, let your kids skewer the peppers, chicken and pineapple while you make the marinade (expect to break up the occasional sword fight). Marinate a batch without chili peppers and jalapeños to appease those picky palates.

And what’s a game day without some Football Sunday Cheesy Little Potatoes? Serve these up as a side to your favorite halftime main dishes.

Football Sunday Cheesy Little Potatoes - The Little Potato Company

Football Finale

Listen to your fans, young and old, go wild when you bring out the final pièce de résistance. Yes, just when you thought potatoes could never be a dessert, behold the Chocolate Potato Doughnuts. Can you say, “Kicked it straight through the goalpost?” These yummy eye-poppers will delight even the guests whose team came second.

Pro Tip: Make these days in advance and you’ll make up for the little extra effort they take. Question is: will they last until game day?

Throw in some team colored t-shirts, plates, napkins and the dollar store paper flags your kids can decorate, and you have yourself an easy fuss-free party for all ages. (You can do your touchdown happy dance now).