Our Family

Everyone we work with is an extension of our family.

Angela and her family in the field.

Family is Our Foundation

The family bond has been our roots since we started in 1996. It still lives strong today through the families of our staff, farmers, and retailers. Together we work to make the lives of busy families a little easier, a little happier, and to help feed the world, better.


Our family in the field. Meet some of our farmers and learn how we work together to grow colorful, nutritious little potatoes for you.



Meet some of our employees in the office and in the plant. Interested in joining us? This is the place to explore current opportunities.



Meet our retailer family, our partners in bringing delicious Little Potatoes to a store near you and making your life a little easier.


Frequently Asked Questions

For best results, store our Little potatoes in a cool, dry and dark place that is well ventilated.

The optimal temperature should be around 4ºC (39ºF). This should allow them to last for several weeks.

No. At The Little Potato Company, we use traditional potato breeding, which involves the natural cross-pollination of cells to produce a new potato plant. We do not use GMOs or any form of genetic modification to produce our potatoes.

We grow our potatoes in Canada and the United States, close to our customers. We think it’s important people know where their food comes from.

You can find all of the nutritional information on our Products pages.

We were incorporated in 1996, in Edmonton,  Alberta, Canada.

We expanded into the United States years later, and in 2017 opened a second facility in DeForest, Wisconsin, USA.

Visit Our Journey to learn more!

Yes! We have hundreds of recipes. Visit our Recipe Center to discover easy weeknight meals for all your Wednesday night needs (as well as some special occasion and celebration recipes, too!).

Technically,  yes,  you can, but they won’t result in any potato plants. That’s because the potatoes we sell are table potatoes, not seed potatoes.

Seed potatoes sprout quickly and are used for growing potato plants.