Find a Little Moment of Happiness

Take a breather with us and bring a little moment of happiness to your day.

Angela and her family having fun in the kitchen. Angela and her family having fun in the kitchen.

Checking the Crops

During growing season, our farmers walk through their fields to hand inspect the growing little potato crops. Join one of our farmers on a relaxing walk through the field through the potato blossoms.

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One of our farmers walking through the fields to check on our growing little potatoes.

Print out a Coloring Book

Take a break from the screens, grab your favorite art supplies, and bring some life to this coloring book with your littles!

Get out the Art Supplies
A Spuddie in a field of potatoes.

Crop Watering

There’s something so peaceful about spending time on the field, watching the pivots hydrate our growing little potatoes. Pour yourself a glass of water, take a couple deep breaths, and imagine wide open skies and endless fields on a warm summer’s day.

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A center pivot watering our crops of little potatoes at sunset.

Leaf Cutter Bees

Some of our family farms also keep leaf cutter bees to help pollinate their blueberry, canola, and alfalfa crops. Did you know that these hardworking little guys are more effective pollinators than honeybees? Warm weather lovers, these bees only fly when it’s 21 °C (70 °F) or hotter in the sun, and the females build little cocoons over the course of the day out of small leaf pieces.

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A cute little bee in its house.

Planting and Harvesting

Planting and harvesting are our busiest seasons in the field, but we love to watch the equipment at work forming those neat lines in the fields while the potatoes tumble down into the rows, and unload onto the trucks once they’ve been harvested. (We’ll never stop marveling at how they get those tractor lines so straight!)

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One of our farmers harvesting our potatoes and unloading them into a big pile.

Sorting and Washing

If cleaning and organizing videos are your thing, put your feet up and watch our dedicated plant staff expertly wash and sort our little potatoes once they arrive at our washing and packaging facility.

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Little potatoes about to be washed at our facilities.

Keep Exploring

Creating little moments of happiness for you and your families are why we're here. Learn more about some of our family in the field, or take a peek at all of our potato varieties that will add a pop of color to your plate.

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