Grown for you on family farms

Our farmers are our partners. We seek to create long-term, generational relationships with them and their families so we can continue to grow and innovate together.

One of our farmers in the field
Farmers - G.V. Ridges Ltd.

Alex Geerligs and Jeroen Van Der Stoel

Jeroen and Alex own and operate GV Ridges Ltd. in Southern Alberta. They met because Alex’s dad was Jeroen kids’ soccer coach. After Alex graduated high school he started working as a farmhand for Jeroen.

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Farmer - Little Lake Farm

Harry Lamberts

Harry Lamberts and his family emigrated from Holland to Southern Alberta nearly 20 years ago. A lifelong farmer, Harry grew up farming alongside his father growing potatoes, sugar beets, and keeping dairy cows.

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Farmers - Little Lake Farm

Niek and Ton Lamberts

Niek and Ton started helping on their family farm after school when they were growing up and have both gone on to complete post-secondary education in agriculture and plant and soil sciences so that they can put their knowledge back into the farm that they’re helping to manage with the rest of their family.

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Our Farmers Are Our Partners

Family Farms

Intention, partnership, and longevity are at the root of how we build relationships with our families in the field.

Generational Relationships

We’re not just interested in what farms can do for us this year, or in a two-to-three-year contract, we’re interested in what that farm can do with us for the next generations to come.

Hands-On Approach

Our farmers work closely with our agronomy team to create a complete recipe for how to grow our unique Little Potato varieties, to ensure we’re growing the highest quality, most nutritious potatoes for you.

Intentional Partnerships

We have longstanding relationships with farmers across Canada and the U.S. They invest for us and with us to make our business possible, and we do not take that lightly.

How We Work With Our Farmers

A farmer inspecting the field.

Leaving Things Better Than We Found Them

Our family farmers support the protection, restoration, and maintenance of natural habitats for biodiversity, pollinator health, and erosion control by dedicating over 3% of planted acres to grasslands, waterways, natural shrubs, and wooded areas. Together we are constantly learning and innovating to find more sustainable ways to grow our potatoes.

Our Sustainability Initiatives

It’s The Little Things

Our agronomists work closely with each farmer to grow each variety of our unique little potatoes on that field and on that farm. Contained within the agronomy plan they create are all the little things to make the crops thrive—everything from what kind of soil it needs, when to plant it, and how often to water it.

All the Little Things We Do
A child with a potato plant, holding it aloft like it's Excalibur freshly pulled from the stone.

Feeding the World, Better

We choose family farms that share similar values with us. Family bonds are at the root of how we started, what we do today, and how we work together with our farmers to feed the world, better.

Our Purpose and Values

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Everyone we work with is an extension of our family. Learn more about our valued partnerships with both our employees and our partners in the store.

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