Take action: it’s Men’s Health Week!

Take action: it’s Men’s Health Week! Take action: it’s Men’s Health Week!

Who doesn’t want to be healthier? That’s why it’s good to have reminders from time to time to check in and take stock. Observed around the world, Men’s Health Week is just the perfect excuse to do so.

The point is for men and boys—and those of us who love them—to make personal health a priority and take action.

Take these key steps:


Getting enough sleep (seven to nine hours a night for adults)

No smoking

Kicking the tobacco habit


Getting active: at least two-and-a-half hours a week of moderate aerobic activity, in addition to two-plus hours of weekly muscle strengthening exercises


Minimizing stress


Practicing preventative medicine

Eat right

Eating healthfully.

(From the experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-1)

Choose Creamers

We’re most interested in this last one because that’s where Little Potatoes come in. Along with limiting refined sugars, fat, salt and alcohol, robust eating includes a wide variety of fruit and vegetables.

Creamers are vegetables, so go ahead and make them a central part of your take-action plan. Here’s how they can contribute to your overall better health and nutritious diet:

*A terrific source of potassium, iron and Vitamin C;

*Low calorie (only 20 calories each);

*Gluten- and sodium-free;

*A complex carbohydrate (“good carbs”);

*Good fiber: Because Little Potatoes contain fiber, you feel fuller faster after eating them, so you’re less likely to overeat or get those pesky food cravings—a bonus for maintaining a trim waistline.

*They’re tasty! Let’s face it: if you don’t like it, you’re probably not going to eat much of it. And you can eat delectably while taking good care of your body at the same time. Creamers are not only super nutritious, they’re delicious—naturally creamy and buttery tasting.


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  1. “National Men’s Health Week”, 2016. May 29 2016 <https://www.cdc.gov/men/nmhw/>

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