Though it’s getting easier these days, going gluten-free can still be challenging. A bigger issue for those avoiding grains, though, may be getting enough fiber in their diet.

People with gluten sensitivities or who have Celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder, must steer clear of the protein gluten found in grains such as barley, wheat, and rye. One in three North American adults follows a gluten-free diet.-1

Without emphasizing alternative sources of complex carbohydrates, they often don’t get enough fiber or micronutrients—calcium, magnesium, iron, and thiamin—research has revealed.-2

The solution? Creamers!

Here are three big reasons Little Potatoes are an ideal choice:

1. Gluten-free

Little Potatoes are naturally free of gluten, taking worry and guesswork out of the entire meal-planning equation. Those on a gluten-free diet can substitute flavorful, buttery-tasting Creamers for refined grains in pasta and bread, and won’t have to compromise on feeling satisfied.

2. Fiber included

With 12% of the daily fiber our bodies need, Little Potatoes contain a moderate amount of fiber. Fiber makes us feel full, so we aren’t as likely to overeat, plus it aids in digestion, stabilizes blood sugar, and lowers cholesterol.-3

3. A source of good carbs

The truth is gluten-free doesn’t have to be carb-free. Creamers contain “good carbs.” These are the fiber-filled, complex carbohydrates, which our bodies absorb slowly, making our blood sugar rise gradually and stay stable.-4 In addition, complex carbs help lower the risk for chronic disease and may prevent colon cancer, according to the Harvard School of Public Health.-5

And feel free to eat plenty. Adults should get 45 to 65% of their daily calories from complex carbs, according to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.-6