What’s a Creamer?

Not your average potato


Bred to be small

The smallest in the potato family, Creamers are meant to be….Little. Just like cherry tomatoes in the tomato family.


No peeling required

Creamers are meant to be eaten with their naturally tasty nutritious skins on - no cleaning or peeling required.


Consistently Sized

We ensure our Creamers are consistently sized in each package so every single one cooks to the same ‘doneness’.

Creamer potatoes - a brief comparison

Little vs Big

The smallest in the potato family, our Creamers are meant to be bite-size (uh, Little), like cherry tomatoes in the tomato family. And yet, they offer a naturally buttery taste and creamy texture, they’re so easy to prepare, and they are meant to be enjoyed with skins on.

Creamers are certainly not your average potato.


  • Pre-washed
  • No peeling required
  • Consistently sized
  • Colorful fun varietals
  • Quick, even cooking
  • Contains source of potassium
  • Fat, cholesterol, sodium, and gluten FREE
  • Dietary Fiber
  • They're a vegetable (fun fact)

Debunking potato myths

Remember when your Mom always said to eat your vegetables? At The Little Potato Company, we say the same thing. Why? Because potatoes are a vegetable, too!

Yes, it’s true. Many people don’t know our Creamer potatoes are a vegetable – and they’re delicious and nutritious too!

Read more to find out what other benefits these Little vegetables can offer.


Not all potatoes are created nutritionally equal, but we can bust the myth that Little potatoes are in fact healthy for you and full of essential nutrients. Read on to learn more.


You’ve heard it before – whether through faddy diets, or through attention-grabbing headlines. “If you want to eat healthily, you’ve got to stay clear of ‘white’ foods. They’re overly-processed, devoid of any nutrition, and will send your blood sugar levels soaring.”

Well,  it’s a myth. Not all ‘white foods’ are created equal. Read more from our nutrition experts on this myth. And a few others.


Yes, you heard it here potato fans: Creamer potatoes are good carbs.

Creamer potatoes are good carbs.

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