The Little Potato Company’s unique little Creamer potatoes are delicious, nutritious, and convenient.

They offer several proprietary varieties of Creamer potatoes with outstanding flavour, colour nutrition and versatility.

They are available in produce sections across Canada and the U.S.

The Little Potato Company is a family-owned Canadian company that next year will celebrate its 20th year of delighting food lovers with a new and delicious discovery in Creamer potatoes.

CEO and Co-founder, Angela Santiago, is not only a passionate expert on Creamer potatoes, she’s also passionate about the role of the potato in helping people eat better and—as a Mom of four—in helping kids learn about food and cooking.

About our Creamer Potatoes:

The Little Potato Company’s Creamer potatoes look and taste delicious, are full of healthy vegetable goodness, and are quick and easy to prepare and cook.

Potatoes got a bad rap over the years as many varieties became bigger, blander, and boring.

Creamers from The Little Potato Company are changing minds and winning hearts and palates across North America.

Creamer potatoes are the smallest in the potato family and are bred to be naturally buttery tasting, loaded with nutrition, easy to prepare, and grow in diverse, colourful, and fun varieties.

They’re available in produce sections at retailers across Canada and the U.S. Varieties include Baby Boomer, Blushing Belle (red), Something Blue (blue), Fingerlings, and Miss Blush.

Creamers are also sold in convenient Oven|Grill and Microwave Ready kits combining Little Potatoes, specialty trays, and seasoning mix for an even easier and more delicious meal.

Canada’s Food Guide recommends Canadians eat seven to ten servings of fruit and vegetables a day, so Creamer potatoes offer a delicious way to eat your vegetables.

Creamers are naturally fat and gluten-free; have far fewer calories and carbs and are high in both potassium and fiber.

Both adults and children love potatoes. Creamers are pre-washed before packaging and cook for about 15 minutes.

They can be prepared in many ways—from broiled to grilled to roasted to sauteed—and work equally well in simple and quick or more complex and foodie-friendly recipes. They’re delicious with other vegetables, cheese, herbs, meat, and seafood or on their own.

About The Little Potato Company

The Little Potato Company was co-founded in 1996 in Edmonton, Alberta by CEO Angela Santiago and her family and offers several unique and proprietary varieties of Creamer potatoes that were carefully and traditionally bred here in Canada, and chosen for their outstanding flavour, colour, nutrition, and versatility.

The Little Potato Company’s Creamer potatoes are grown on farms across Canada and the U.S. to ensure a year-round supply from farms to neighbourhood produce sections to kitchens to tables.

The passionate potato professionals at The Little Potato Company get their hands dirty; always searching the world’s potato regions for new inspiration and then using traditional breeding techniques to create their own proprietary new varieties of Creamers.

Getting a new Creamer variety from discovery to plate takes many years to ensure perfect and consistent taste and colour and that any new Creamer varieties will stay that way from field to kitchen.

All potential new varieties are screened and selected by a professional tasting panel, who take potatoes seriously, and then introduced slowly in limited supply to ensure a perfect potato experience on every plate.

About Cooking and Kids

The Little Potato Company believes potatoes can help feed the world better.

Right now, that starts with the “Little Chef Program” to help kids learn about cooking and food by creating dishes with their families.

Preparing and cooking simple foods with your kids creates an opportunity for a fun, shared experience– something most busy families crave more of.

As kids learn to cook:

  • they learn important life skills: cooking and meal planning
  • they learn about food and nutrition
  • they learn where food comes from which helps establish a deeper connection with the earth, air, and water: our environment
  • a daily task becomes an opportunity for shared learning
  • they get to share and contribute to important family activities

The Little Potato Company offers tips for cooking with children, recipes, and other fun information and activities at www.LittlePotatoes.com/LittleChefs. They’ll be expanding the program and introducing other family food fun in the coming months.


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