Little Potatoes are a Grill’s Best Friend

Longer days, shorter dinner prep

Just because the days are longer doesn’t mean you have to spend more time cooking. When it’s sunny and hot the last thing anyone wants to do is spend precious free time around an oven in a scorching hot kitchen. With a little bit of easy prep, and a few hassle-free recipes up your sleeve, you’ll have a little extra time to enjoy the warm summer nights with the people you share your table with.

Savor the Summer with These Recipes

How to Cook Little Potatoes on the Grill

Your complete guide that covers everything from greasing the grill, to how to cook Little Potatoes on a skewer or in a foil pack, to some bonus tips on keeping your grill clean. The perfect starting place for a summer of grill marks.

Fire Up The Grill

How to Make a Foil Pack

Everything you need to make the perfect foil pack for grilling. Suggestions on the best kind of foil to use, different herbs and spice recommendations to take your potatoes to the next level, and the best kind of heat to use. Get the kids involved by letting them create their own!

Get Folding

How to Boil Little Potatoes

Boiling a bag of potatoes at the beginning of the week to store in the fridge will help cut down cooking time when the dinner rush hits. You can use pre-cooked potatoes in salads, sides, and to help cut down your grilling time. This guide covers everything from how to add extra flavor to your potatoes to avoiding the pitfalls of dropping potatoes into already boiling water.

Don't Make a Splash

From Farm to Table, Relationships Matter

Our Little Potatoes are grown for you on family farms throughout the U.S. and Canada. We’re grateful for the relationships with our farmers and their families, so that we can all enjoy a summer around the table with the people we love the most.


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