Smashed Potatoes with Pork and Mushroom Gravy

Smashed Potatoes with Pork and Mushroom Gravy

Garlic Parsley

A special and triumphant meal that you can make for the holidays, ready in under an hour.

 Notes: This recipe calls for a dredging station, which is a cooking term that means setting aside some room for coating and breading your ingredients.


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(you're also free to use any kind of potatoes!)

Garlic Parsley

Garlic Parsley

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Microwave the potatoes on high for five minutes but reserve the seasoning for the eggs. Smash potatoes gently with a spatula that has slats. Set aside.

Made a dredging station with three pie plates or other shallow dishes. In the first pie plate, have flour. In the second pie plate, combine the eggs and the seasoning until they’re lightly beaten. Have the panko breadcrumbs in the third pie plate.

Starting with the flour, dip each potato in the flour, followed by the egg mixture, then the panko. Place on a tray and set aside.

Make the Sauce:

Over high heat in a 10-inch skillet add mushrooms and water. Stir frequently. Once the water has evaporated add the butter, salt, and pepper. Continue cooking until the mushrooms are golden. Reduce the heat and add the garlic and wine, stirring to deglaze the pan and until the wine has evaporated by half. Add the cream, broth, and thyme. Continue to allow to simmer very gently until everything else is ready. Stir occasionally.

Make the Potatoes:

Place one large skillet over medium heat and add half the butter and half of the oil. Once the butter has melted, add the potatoes. Do not overfill the pan and cook in small batches if necessary. Allow to cook until the panko is golden brown. Flip and repeat with the remaining potatoes.

Place in a low temperature oven to keep warm.

Make the Meat:

Heat the butter and oil in a large skillet over high heat. Pan fry the pork until golden brown and internal temperature hits 145° F.

To serve, place pork chop in the center of the plate, followed by five pieces of potatoes. Top with mushroom sauce and chopped parsley, and serve with salad and white wine.

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