Michael’s Little Potato Mushrooms

Michael’s Little Potato Mushrooms

This is a fun and unique way to prepare these gorgeous Little Potatoes. Slightly old-school, but like everything good in the world, everything old becomes new again. And back in the day when I was a young cook at the Dorchester Hotel in London’s Park Lane, this potato dish was a big part of the menu.

Saffron-Infused Water

Saffron water is used to cook the potatoes so that any of the exposed potato flesh turns a beautiful golden-yellow colour. You may find saffron in the spice rack at the grocery store in a tiny container. They are the stamens of the crocus plant and harvested by hand. Saffron can be a little expensive! When at home, you can always cheat by using a good pinch of turmeric which also adds a unique flavour.

Not only will this fun dish get the kids involved, the beautiful presentation makes it the perfect potato dish to accompany fish, poultry, and red meat.


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It’s best that you pick the larger of the Little potatoes to prepare. Use an apple corer and insert the corer into the potato, approximately ½ inch deep.


Next, use a paring knife to carefully cut around the apple corer and remove the small portion of potato that has been cut by the coring tool. This naturally creates the look of a stem on a mushroom.


Then, with your paring knife, remove 3 to 4 pea-sized pieces of potato to create the look of the markings on a toadstool mushroom.


Next, place your potatoes in the boiling, salted, saffron or turmeric water (boiling, salted water will work too). Cook until tender, drain from the water and toss in a pan with butter.


Season with a little salt and pepper, add the chopped chives and serve.

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