Lamb and Creamer Potato Mini-Brochettes

Lamb and Creamer Potato Mini-Brochettes

Skewers are an easy way to serve up Creamer potatoes and meatballs, and makes it easier to dip into a delicious sauce! Try this appetizer with a creamy raita sauce for your next get-together.


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Make the Raita Sauce:

Place grated cucumber in a strainer and press the water out. Mix cucumbers with all the rest of raita sauce ingredients. Put aside in the refrigerator (you can make the sauce up to one day in advance).

Make the Brochettes:

Preheat grill to high temperature.

Put Creamer potatoes in a microwave safe bowl, cook for four minutes on high. Set aside.

In a small bowl, mix cumin, coriander, salt, and pepper. Divide this mix by adding one tablespoon of spices and one tablespoon of olive oil in the cooked potatoes.

In a different bowl, put the rest of the spices with the ground lamb meat, and mix well. Form meat into little balls, approximately the same size of the Creamer potatoes. Put aside.

Assemble the brochettes, by alternating two meat balls, and two potatoes per skewer.

Cook brochettes on preheated grill for three minutes on each side (lower temperature when cooking).

Serve with the raita sauce as a delicious appetizer!

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