The Little Potato Company Launches “Little Chef” Program

EDMONTON, AB–(July 28, 2015) – The Little Potato Company today launched The Little Chef Program to provide tools and tips to make it easier for parents to cook with their kids, sharing new and important cooking and food skills while having fun together.

Canada’s Food Guide recommends kids eat four to six servings of fruit and vegetables a day, and Health Canada recognizes that food preparation and cooking skills impact both kids’ and teens’ food choices.

When kids are exposed to fresh, unprocessed foods and learn to prepare them well, they are more likely to feel comfortable cooking these foods as adults.

“We believe Creamer potatoes can help feed the world, better. Right now, that starts with our Little Chef program, to help parents and kids prepare and cook good, simple, tasty foods,” said Angela Santiago, CEO, and Chief Potato Champion, of The Little Potato Company and the mother of four.

“Cooking together creates an opportunity for a fun, shared experience — something most busy families crave more of — and it helps kids learn about cooking, meal planning, nutrition, where food comes from and so many other important life skills.”

The Little Chef Program launched today with:

  • A contest to win a year’s supply of buttery-tasting, nutrient-loaded, and easy Creamer potatoes, by sharing your favourite kid’s recipes for a chance to win.
  • Kitchen tips for cooking with kids, and a guide to what your child can learn
  • “Little Chef Approved” recipes, and kitchen tasks for kids aged 5 to 7, 8 to 10, and 11 to 13
  • Ongoing Little Chef tips, recipes, and stories on The Little Potato Company Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube

The program will expand this Fall to offer Little Chefs and their families big opportunities to have fun, cook together, share their cooking experience with others, and win fabulous prizes.

“With a few easy tips and a handful of easy recipes, cooking with kids can be fun and is a great way to share valuable cooking and food skills,” said Vancouver Chef Murray Bancroft, consulting chef to The Little Chef Program. “The key to success, like with all cooking adventures, is to plan ahead but be open to the creative process.”

The Little Potato Company offers several unique varieties of Creamer potatoes that were carefully and traditionally bred here in Canada, and chosen for their outstanding flavour, colour, nutrition, and versatility. Creamer potatoes are not baby potatoes; they’re specially chosen, grown, and harvested for their small size, big flavour, and nutritional punch.

Both kids and adults love Creamers and, because they’re thin-skinned, there’s no peeling required so they’re ready to eat in about 15 minutes.

About The Little Potato Company:

The Little Potato Company specializes in little Creamer potatoes which are grown to be naturally buttery tasting, loaded with nutrition, easy to prepare, and offer diverse, colourful and fun varieties.

Several unique varieties are available in produce sections across Canada and the U.S. and have been delighting food lovers for almost 20 years.

These little Creamers are sold pre-washed and cooked in about 15 minutes. They’re also available in convenient Oven|Grill and Microwave Ready kits combining Creamers, seasoning mix, and specialty trays for an even easier and also delicious experience.

The Little Potato Company is passionate about potatoes and about helping children learn more about food and cooking through their “Little Chef” program at

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