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Congratulations to our winner of the 30 Minute Master Chef Challenge!

The results are in! Our judges saw the Top 2 finalists compete head-to-head in a cook off on the Marilyn Denis Show that aired December 12, 2019.

Congratulations to Dae Andrew Rickets-Dunn for their winning dish: Supreme Vegan Little Potatoes!

MasterChef Canada Judge Michael Bonacini mentored the finalists during their cook-off. When it came to the judging Bonacini joined our very own CEO and Co-Founder Angela Santiago with Chef Rodney Bower to try both dishes—in the end, Rickets-Dunn had the winning dish.

Join us in congratulating both finalists because they each win a prize: Rickets-Dunn takes home the Grand Prize of $10,000 cash and Higginson receive the runner up prize of $2,500 cash! This means that our 30 Minute Master Chef Challenge for 2019 has wrapped up and we thank everyone who entered. If you are interested in the winning recipes, stay tuned and we will share them soon.

You can watch the finale segment here on The Marilyn Denis Show, or check out these fun photos from the finale.

Finale Highlights

  • 30 Minute Master Chef Challenge 2019
    L to R: Judge Chef Rodney Bower, Grand Prize winner Dae Andrew Rickets-Dunn, Master Chef Judge Michael Bonacini, Runner-up Mel Higginson, Marilyn Denis, and Judge, CEO, and Co-Founder Angela Santiago
  • 30 Minute Master Chef Challenge 2019
    The Top 2 Finalists competing head-to-head on The Marilyn Denis Show
  • 30 Minute Master Chef Challenge 2019
    Spicy Chorizo and Potato Taco by Mel Higginson (Runner up)
  • 30 Minute Master Chef Challenge 2019
    Vegan Little potatoes by Dae Andrew Rickets-Dunn (Grand Prize Winner)
  • 30 Minute Master Chef Challenge 2019
    Higginson and Rickets-Dunn pose with their final dishes.

Top 2 Finalists!

Our Top 2 finalists will compete head-to-head in a cook-off on the Marilyn Denis Show airing on the Marilyn Denis Show in December 2020. We congratulate both our Top 2 Finalists Mel Higginson and Dae Andrew Rickets-Dunn for your delicious dishes.

Mel Higginson’s recipe is a Spicy Chorizo and Potato Taco:

30 Minute Master Chef Challenge 2019

Dae Andrew Ricketts-Dunn’s recipe is a Vegan Little potatoes dish:
30 Minute Master Chef Challenge 2019

Our Top 2 Finalists will each take home a prize! Where the the grand prize is $10,000 cash (and bragging rights, of course), and runner-up prize is $2,500 cash!

Top 10 Finalists!

Thank you to everyone who rose to this year’s 30 Minute Master Chef Challenge! We received many incredible submissions and had a tremendously diffificult task of selecting our Top 10! Congratulations to each of our Top 10 Finalists, you’re moving to the next round:

  • Dae Andrew R., recipe name: Supreme Vegan
  • Kix M., recipe name: The One-Pan Man-Scrambler
  • Mel H., recipe name: Spicy Potato & Chorizo Taco
  • Marioly L., recipe name: Beef Garlic Potatoes Stir Fry
  • Victoria W., recipe name: Tricolour Potato Vindaloo Turnovers (with raita dipping sauce)
  • Loreto N., recipe name: Little Potato Red Curry Coconut Stew
  • Lonita W., recipe name: Galangal and Salsa Criolla
  • Jamie S., recipe name: Baked Potato Pizza
  • Randolph J., recipe name: Crispy Cajun-Spiced Little Potatoes with Smoked Gouda and Chorizo
  • Kevin M., recipe name: East Coast Poutine

About the 30-Minute Master Chef Challenge and the Chance to Win $10,000!

The Little Potato Company and MasterChef Canada Judge Michael Bonacini are proud to partner for another year to bring you a new and exciting recipe contest.

We asked Canadians to create an original, 30-minute recipe starring small potatoes for a chance to win $10,000—and a trophy to showcase your triumph!

Little potatoes are the perfect go-to ingredient for 30-minute recipes because you don’t need to peel or wash them, they’re consistently sized, and cook to the same doneness—saving you time in the kitchen.

Though the contest has now closed, Michael Bonacini has great advice for you at home to use anytime, including easy delicious recipes, read more below.

Recipe Tips and Inspiration from Michael Bonacini

The Little Potato Company grows only Creamer potatoes—it’s all we have done since 1996! We love Little potatoes and we hope your family and friends will love them too! They’re an easy addition to any dish because you can roll them straight out of the bag and into the oven. No washing, peeling, or even slicing required!

Master Chefs like Michael Bonacini are all too familiar with having to prepare meals in a snap, and share smart advice for everyone cooking at home in a hurry.

Chef Bonacini once again has created five new Little Potato recipes to help inspire you in the kitchen when creating your own 30-minute dish! He’s developed cooking tips, too!

Find Michael’s Recipes

Michael's Recipes

  • Asian-Inspired Little Potatoes
  • Mexican Chili Lime Smashed Little Potatoes
  • Parmesan Roasted Little Potatoes
  • Little Potato and Pancetta Risotto
  • Little Crispy Potatoes Stacks


Create an original 30-minute recipe, using small potatoes, for a chance to win $10,000! We’re excited to be partnering with MasterChef to bring you this challenge to create a quick meal the whole family will love.


See last year’s contest here.

It’s simple! You need two photos, one of your cooked dish on its own and one of you with your cooked dish. You also need to include the name of your recipe, as well as a short description of why you love to cook (under 500 words). Remember to enter by November 3, 2019. When you’re ready to enter, head over to to complete the entry form and submit your entry before the November 3, 2019 deadline.

The grand prize is $10,000 cash (and bragging rights, of course)! The other finalist chosen for the Top 2 will receive a runner-up prize of $2,500 cash!

All adult residents of Canada, age 18 years or older, are eligible to enter. For full eligibility details, read the full rules and regulations.

The contest opens on September 30th, 2019 and the entry period is open until November 3rd, 2019.

You can read them right here: Read full contest details and timelines.



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