Creamer Potatoes

Our Creamers give you taste, nutrition and convenience all in a delicious and creamy parcel!

Little Potatoes – Dynamic Duo

  • 1.5 lb / 680 g
  • 3 lb / 1.36 kg
  • 5lb / 2.27kg

Fingerling Potatoes

  • 1.5 lb / 680 g

Blue Potatoes – Terrific Trio

  • 1.5 lb / 680 g
  • 3 lb / 1.36 kg

Something Blue

  • 1.5 lb / 680 g

Microwave Ready

Quick, freshly steamed, perfectly seasoned potatoes in just minutes, these Microwave Ready are all about making wholesome and delicious that much easier. Simply pop the tray in the microwave for five minutes and mix in the seasoning pack — and you have a nutritious meal in no time!

Oven | Grill Ready

Oven | Grill Ready offer our delicious Creamer potatoes washed and packed in a ready-to-use roasting tray. Just open the package, add the included seasoning, splash a little oil and roast for 30 minutes in the oven or on the barbecue. Perfectly roasted Creamers have never been easier!

Where to Buy

We’re working hard to spread the Little Potatoes love! Our Creamers are available at grocery stores throughout North America. If you can’t find us in your local store, please talk to your produce manager.

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