Little Chef Recipes

Little Chef Approved Recipes

LittleChef logoThe Little Potato Company has created a collection of Little Chef Approved recipes, adapted specifically for cooking with kids.
  • Quick prep time– under 15 mins
  • Very few ingredients you might already have in your fridge or pantry
  • Kid-friendly ingredients that kids often know and like
  • Teach basic cooking skills
  • Opportunities to have fun together
  • Nutritious – includes Creamers and other vegetables, and nutritious foods

These recipes are stamped with our Little Chef Approved pan to help quickly identify kid-friendly recipes. To find these recipes, visit Recipe Central and search for “Little Chef Approved” recipes.

If you have your own kid-friendly family favorite recipe you’d like to share with others, please submit it here. If you have a story about cooking with your kids, we’d love to hear it. Please write or email us.