Learning and fun

Why cook with kids?

Cooking is educational and fun! Show your Little Chefs that healthy, foods and meals can be planned, prepared and served in a limited time, and that it’s fun and rewarding. If your kids get cooking now, chances are they will continue this good habit as they grow older – it’s a life skill to learn early on.

Share family traditions and stories or recipes while you cook with your Little Chefs. Begin with simple and fun recipes, then work up to your family favorites, such as Grandma’s famous potato salad (at the Little Potato Company we’re a fan of this potato salad recipe), or, invite them to create their own recipe to share with the entire family.


LittleChef CookingwithKidsInfographic

7 tips to make cooking with kids fun and safe:

  1. Be safe. Teach kids how to use sharp tools safely, the dangers of hot stoves and ovens and always watch them.
  2. Be clean. Teach your kids why, how and when to wash their hands and kitchen surfaces thoroughly to ensure a truly healthy experience.
  3. Keep it simple. Choose recipes that are appropriate for kids. Here are our Little Chef Approved recipes for our Creamer potatoes.
  4. Don’t rush. Allow a little more time than you would normally.
  5. Be creative. Allow kids to pick a new vegetable. Try cutting them into interesting shapes or use colorful foods like our Something Blue Creamers.
  6. Show them. Demonstrate how and then step back, so they learn by doing. If they’re struggling, ask if they want help.
  7. Think like a kid. Create a kid-friendly kitchen so kids can work more easily. Add a sturdy stool to stand on or a drawer with utensils just for them.

If you’re ready to cook with your Little Chefs, we invite you to enter our 2017 Little Chef competition. Learn more here!