Little Chef: Family Edition

2017 Little Chef: Family Edition Competition

Congratulations to both the Bell and Sparling Families!

Our third year of the Little Chef Competition wrapped up with 2017 Little Chef: Family Edition, in partnership with Bell Media and The Marilyn Denis Show – AND an exciting twist!

This year we included entire families to join and compete for the grande prize: a family trip to Tuscany, Italy, valued at $15,000! The search for our finalists resulted in two talented and wonderful families – the Bell Family from British Columbia and the Sparling Family from Alberta!

In a 30-minute cook-off on The Marilyn Denis Show and mentored by Michael Bonacini, each family served up three dishes fit for all ages – using our Creamer potatoes! The dishes were presented to our panel of judges including our CEO and Co-Founder, Angela Santiago, MasterChef Canada Judge, Michael Bonacini, and You Tube’s Vijaya Selvarju.

After going head to head in a cook-off, BOTH families won the ultimate culinary experience in Tuscany! The judging panel was so inspired by both families and their love of cooking together that when it came down to choosing a winner, we just couldn’t do it! Read more full details in the Finale news release here.

See more from behind the scenes at the final cook-off in our blog post.