Eat Your Vegetable!

Remember when your Mom always said to eat your vegetables? At The Little Potato Company, we say the same thing. Why? Because potatoes are a vegetable, too!

Many people don’t know that our Creamer potatoes are not only delicious and BIG on nutrition, but they contain 4 cups of vegetables per serving*!

Did you know? 4 Fun Facts About Creamer Potatoes!

  1. A serving of Creamer potatoes has more potassium than a banana
  2. Free of gluten, cholesterol, sodium and fat, Creamer potatoes are packed with nutrition
  3. A single Creamer potato contains just 20 calories
  4. Creamer potatoes contain 5 essential nutrients by Canadian nutrition standards, and 2 essential nutrients by USA nutrition standards

Learn more about our Creamer Potato nutrition.

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Download our Creamer Potato Dinner Rescue Meal Plan!

We know dinner can be hard to plan in a busy routine and household, so we rounded up 20 of our favorite recipes from our Recipe Center for you in our Dinner Rescue Meal Plan. Each week features 5 themed dinner meals plus a weekly grocery list for you to keep shopping easy too!

  • Meatless Monday: Try something new without the meat!
  • Tasty Tuesday: Full of flavor, our tastiest recipes!
  • Wheatless Wednesday: Enjoy a gluten free recipe!
  • One-pan Thursday: Less dishes, with all the nutrition and flavor!
  • Quick Friday: End your week with a quick meal option!

Get the Dinner Rescue Meal Plan here [PDF]

Each recipe is linked to all the info you need, so you’ll want to bookmark this Meal Plan in your favorites!

Contest Rules

*Based on a 680g bag.