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Like anyone, we love hearing compliments. Here’s a small sample of nice words we’ve received from our customers. Each one has truly made us giddy!

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Here’s what some of our other new family members have been saying:

“I am English born and grew up in farm land with fresh potatoes every day for lunch. I wish to thank your company for the Microwave Ready potatoes. Very good taste and the seasoning packet made up a good quick side meal for countless ideas. Thank you for an enjoyable dinner. I will buy this product every week and wish you good sales for a good product.”

—John, Arizona

“I found the Garlic Herb Oven/Grill Ready potatoes at a recent trip to Sam’s Club, and I served them at my Christmas dinner. Everyone LOVED them so much so that once they tasted one, they declined the mashed potatoes and ate these instead. It was the only variety that my Sam’s Club carried but I hope to find other flavors there or elsewhere. They were the perfect size with the perfect amount of seasonings and also made such a nice presentation on the table. I love your potatoes!”

—Sue, Pennsylvania

“Today was a cold snowy day and I decided to try your Savory Herb potatoes for the first time to perk up a drab day. What a surprise! Family loved them. They tasted like they were just picked…so fresh. Thank you for an excellent product. I am a fan for life and can’t wait to try all the other flavors.”


“I saw your Microwave Ready Little Potatoes in the grocery store for the first time today. I chose the garlic parsley. They are marvelous. They taste wonderful and are easy to prepare. Less time than boiling and no pot to wash. I will never buy regular potatoes again.”

—Marsha, Colorado

“Brilliant! I’ve tried several flavors and every one is delicious. The fact that the potatoes are already washed and ready to cook makes a working mom very happy. I just love the product, thank you!”

—Stephanie, California

“Discovered these at Safeway quite by accident. What a great way to get a great choice of all things POTATOES! You can be sure they are one of our favorite ways to get potatoes. Thanks so much!”

—Ralph, California

“I know that you have a fantastic product with “Little Potatoes”. We have been enjoying them and praising their quality for some time now. They certainly remind me of the Jersey’s that we used to enjoy in season, back in the old country from the channel island of Jersey. Best wishes.”

—Peter, Washington

“I am writing to you to express my satisfaction with your products. Indeed we love using your small potatoes. They are excellent in the crock pot, boiled and cooked in a pan. I am always amazed by the freshness and quality of the product.”

—Stéphanie, Quebec

“I love little potatoes! They are so easy and so delish! I eat them at least four times a week:) The price is very good for what you get. Awesome product! I am hooked:)”


“A gourmet side dish in 5 minutes! Just wanted to thank you and let you know how much I love your [Microwave Ready] product. The spices are perfect, the potatoes are perfect, and no preparation! When I find something natural and fast, I’m on it!”

—Kathy, Oklahoma

“Cooking is not my bag (I do love to bake though), and I am always looking for something quick and easy. Today I found Microwave Ready Fresh Creamer Potatoes from the Little Potato Company. You just put them in the Micro for 5 min, let them sit 2 min, sprinkle the packet of Savory Herb and you have wonderful tiny white and red taters. I can never find little red taters so this is a wonderful item for me.”

—Fran, California

“My boyfriend and I are vegetarians and I was very excited to come across your product. We prefer home cooked meals and both are pretty good cooks in our own right, but time limits us both from cooking elaborate meals on most days… but your packaging and seasoning packet made it very easy for me. I just popped it into the microwave and served with dinner less than 10 minutes later. And this potato side dish was of really great quality and flavor. I’m going to get more to send with my boyfriend to work. He loves potatoes and these are really top notch! Mixed with a few steamed veggies, this makes a great meal! Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a note from working people everywhere here in the US. Thanks for your product.”

—Julie, New Hampshire

“Your potatoes are a family favorite. Cream, fresh garlic, and fresh dill smothered over your potatoes have my family always asking for seconds!”


“My daughter & I were picking up some last minute items for our Mothers Day dinner, when we came across the Microwave Kit with seasoning pack + steam tray. We got the Garlic Parsley flavored ones. Suffice it to say this was a VERY BIG hit. VERY VERY good, and it went good with the Delmonico Steaks. Thank You for a good product.”


“I just had my very first bag of “little ones” and can’t believe how good they were. Add me to the Fan Club!”

—Maggie, Ontario

“Since discovering your little potatoes at our local supermarket, we have never bought regular potatoes again!”

—Caroline, Ontario

“I love that I can count on your products to be NOT genetically engineered and that the bag is a good size.”

—Jill, Massachusetts

“Love your products.”

—Colin & Alexandra, British Columbia

“Impressed when I went to the Edmonton Food Bank’s website and saw that you donate all year.”

—Janene, Albert

“My kids are picky eaters but they love your potatoes. You’ve saved me at mealtime!”

—Penny, Colorado

“I will not hesitate to tell my friends what great products and wonderful customer service your company has. I look forward to using your little potatoes for years to come.”

—Rosaline, Alberta

“My faves are Baby Boomer, Terrific Trio and Chéri! (But who am I kidding – I love them all!”


Terrific Trio are my kids’ favourites!! Your potatoes are almost too cute and pretty to eat – I said almost, lol!”


“I bought different varieties and loved them. Thanks for selling them at our market in Lethbridge.”

—Cindy, Alberta


—Terry, Alberta

“These little potatoes really were delicious and something that we would buy again and again. They are yummy, affordable, easy to prepare…Yum Yum!”

—Melissa, California

“We love the Terrific Trio in our house, mostly because of the blue potatoes.”

—Nicole, Alberta

“Great little company.”


“My parents are hooked also after I told them how much better tasting your potatoes are over the regular grocery store potatoes!”


“Thank you so very much for such a wonderful prize! I also have to say that everyone who I dealt with at your company was very friendly and helpful. It says a lot about your company that you employ such nice people.”