Sustainability and Stewardship

Potatoes were once celebrated as the “truffles of the earth”. We aim to reverse the potato’s current big, bland and boring image and return it to its former glory. We see a future where potatoes are again full of flavour, bursting with nutrition and the centrepiece of your family’s meal.

It also means growing our unique varieties of Creamers in a way that is healthy and nourishing from farm to plate.lpc-trip2-stony-plain-112

We see ourselves as stewards of the environment, taking care of our world so the next generation finds it as good or better than when we started. If we work with our environment in a responsible way, Creamer potatoes can feed generations to come.

This starts witlpc-trip2-fletcher-foliage-119h carefully selected growers in both Canada and the U.S. We have longstanding relationships with growers who have similar values to ours and who are interested in continuing to strive for better and better practices.

We work together to ensure we’re using precious farmland responsibly to get the most nutritious, delicious Creamers from the least amount of acres. To do this, we use best practices to feed and water the potato plants and maintain soil quality.

We meet or exceed all guidelines and regulations of both the U.S. Department of Agriculture and CanadaGAP™, which are among the highest standards for environmental management and food safety in the world.lpc-trip2-stony-plain-122

We manage pests responsibly, using Integrated Pest Management This involves rotating our crops, isolating any areas that might need pest control and only using treatments when necessary. In other words, we prefer to let nature grow our Creamers, and only control what needs to be controlled.

Our stewardship commitment carries through to our packaging, sorting and washing facility, where we recycle all our water; capture organic waste for compost and recycle corrugated cardboard and other packaging and paper.

We take careful steps to respect our world and environment and are always looking for ways to get better, so our team and Creamer potato lovers everywhere can feel good about serving Little Potatoes.