We Are Thankful For Our Differences

Our Purpose at the Little Potato Company is to ‘Feed the World, Better.’
For us, that means that everyone, everywhere deserves to have healthy good food.

It’s about making potatoes more accessible to more people.
It’s about passing along food knowledge to inform healthier eating habits.
It’s about utilizing our land and resources so we leave things better than how we found them.
It’s about building relationships that are sustaining for generations to come.

Our purpose implies an underlying principle that we all strive to help make the world a better and more equitable place for everyone regardless of nationality, race, gender, color, or ability.

We realize that it is our diversity, not our similarities, that make us stronger together.
Within our facilities, the tapestry of Little Potato Company employees – our global family – draws roots from over 30 different countries. That’s 30 different cultures and races and experiences that we draw from every day that makes us not just stronger, but more humble in realizing our Purpose.



Currently we are reminded as voices throughout the world have risen with a unified, peaceful pitch not to just to draw heightened attention to systemic racism but to call us all to do something about it for the sake of those who have suffered at its hand for so long.

We begin by stating that we acknowledge that there is a problem embedded in our culture, society, and world and it is necessary for us to respond. And model.

I want a world where my husband and my children have equal opportunities because of their desires and skills, not limited by their skin colour.  The same is true of our company. I can assure you that I will do everything I can to ensure that there will always be opportunity for all employees devoid of discrimination.



I want to look deeply into my own heart to examine my behaviours and expressions, and that begins in humility, self reflection, education, and a commitment to speak up and amplify the voices of those that have been impacted the most by racism.

We can all make a difference individually in the simplest and purest of ways by opening our hearts, our minds, and our homes.



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