Simple Holiday Potato Recipes

Creamer potatoes make delicious holiday sides

At The Little Potato Company, we believe eating together helps connect us with friends and family alike. So we’re thankful to be invited to your table. If you’re reading this you probably purchased some of our Little potatoes from Costco recently. Now what to do with them – we have a ton of delicious recipes for you to try, whether for a busy weeknight (fun fact: you don’t need to peel or wash your Creamer potatoes, so they’re quick to prepare) or for a relaxing delicious and healthy weekend meal with family. We hope our Dynamic Duo blend of red and yellow Creamer potatoes will help add color, flavor, and cheer to all your festive meals together.

Try some of our favorite recipes:

Dynamic Duo Holiday Potato Recipes

  • Weekend Roast Chicken Potatoes_Costco 5lb bag
    Weekend Roast Chicken and Little Potatoes
  • Pesto Parmesan Potatoes - The Little Potato Company
    Pesto Parmesan Roasted Potatoes
  • Quick hasselback potatoes with tahini sauce
  • A bowl that essentially has an entire Thanksgiving dinner in it. Turkey, Brussels sprouts, carrots, you name it. It looks really good, you should make it.
    Thanksgiving abundance bowl
  • Potato Boulangere by Chef Michael Bonacini - The Little Potato Company
    Michael's Little potato boulangere

More Delicious Recipes for the Holidays

Visit our Recipe Center for hundreds of more recipes to inspire you at any meal or holiday occasion.

More Holiday Recipes

Holiday Potato Recipes


Who is The Little Potato Company?

We believe everyone, everywhere deserves to have healthy, great food. Coveted around the world by leading chefs and foodies, our Creamer potatoes are not your average small potato!

Our Story begins with our CEO and co-founder Angela Santiago who began growing Creamer potatoes in 1996 with her father. Today we sell a variety of products from bags to convenient kits of microwave or oven | grill, and even fully cooked and pre-seasoned skillet ready potatoes that are crispy in 7 minutes.

While we continue to grow, we remain focused on Little. That’s right, Creamer potatoes are all that we do! With so much love for this Little vegetable, we’ve got lots to share with you, but let us start with the basics: What’s a Creamer?



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