Some potatoes are about as flavorful as a bite of sawdust, it’s true. So have you ever wondered why Little Potatoes are so tasty? We like this question because it’s something we work very hard on. Constantly. Here’s the gist:

Buttery heirlooms

All we grow, and cultivate, are Little Potatoes. Ours are heritage types, all known for their naturally buttery flavor (and high nutrition content). You can taste the difference immediately.

Some, like Little Trios, are earthy, with a hint of minerality. Others, like Little Reds, are slightly sweet with a velvety, smooth feel. While Little Yellows are nutty and fluffy, our exotic varietal potatoes are bold, lively, and complex.

Fully mature

Ours aren’t large potatoes harvested early. Creamers are fully mature, bred to be mini at 19 to 41 mm, and picked at the peak of their prime. This explains their creamy consistency and robust flavor profile. It also makes them easier to prepare (the flavor’s already there). Plus, they cook faster and more consistently. We only offer top-grade, same-size potatoes, so there’s no issue with over/undercooking a batch.

Thin skin

Divas are never easygoing. But then, who wants to listen to an amateur? It’s a fact: Creamers are fussy. Our farmers have to handle them carefully so as not to bruise them. Creamers have thin, delicate skin, and that’s what allows the distinctive flavors to come through. It’s also why there’s no peeling required.

Bred for flavor

It’s kind of like the difference between a vine-ripened, sun-warmed, and fragrant heirloom tomato plucked ripe from your garden versus a big, bland beefsteak tomato picked greenish and trucked into the supermarket in December. No comparison, right?

Over the decades, industrial farming has essentially bred taste out of the average potato—sacrificing flavor for size and durability. Creamers are the opposite: small and filled with flavor.

We’re the only North American company specializing in Creamers and we develop proprietary varietals all the time, aiming for maximum color, shape, taste, and texture. Just like wine, a unique potato varietal is going to add an original dimension and mouth feel to any dish.

We hope you’ll never look at another potato the same way again!