Chef Michael Bonacini’s Favorite Little Potato Dishes

Chef Michael Bonacini’s Favorite Little Potato Dishes

MasterChef Canada judge Michael Bonacini always surprises us with his gorgeous creations featuring our Little potatoes. Whether you’re looking for an easy go-to brunch dish or something to surprise your guests with, Chef Michael has a recipe for everyone.

Michael’s Favorite Little Potato Breakfast

Poached Eggs Recipe - The Little Potato Company

A simple and elegant brunch dish that won’t take you all morning to prepare, so you can enjoy it while still enjoying a lazy weekend. With honey-sweetened yogurt, grainy mustard, and fresh dill, you’ll be starting your day off on such a high note.

Michael’s Little Potato and Leek Bake

Potato Leek Casserole - Step 6

Is there any dish that cheesy Creamer potatoes don’t compliment? We certainly don’t think so. This decadent bake of fresh leeks, gruyère, and Parmesan cheese with whole milk and spices will become one of your comfort food staples.

Michael’s Little Potato Boulangere

Potato Boulangere by Chef Michael Bonacini - The Little Potato Company

This classic French dish features smoky bacon, fresh thyme, and a heavenly combination of garlic and onions. This dish beautifully compliments any roast, cold cuts, fish, or poultry.

Michael’s Little Potato Spirals

Spiralized Potatoes - Step 4

We know you’ve heard of spiralized zucchini, but have you ever seen spiralized potatoes? Seasoned with a light curry powder and fennel, this appetizer or side dish is an easy way to elevate our Little potatoes.

Michael’s Little Potato Mushrooms

Potato Mushroom Appetizer - The Little Potato Company


As a young cook, Chef Michael used to serve these gorgeous mushroom-shaped potatoes at the Dorchester Hotel. Learn how to make saffron-infused water in order to make the color pop.

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