Long hot days, cool drinks, parties on the patio and something tasty sizzling on the grill—don’t you love summer?

We do, too. Especially the simplicity of it all: family and friends gathered outside, a checkered tablecloth and vase of flowers, the wafting aroma of barbecue while kids and dogs play on the grass.

Shake it up this summer with new twists on the traditional. These perfect hot weather recipes keep the focus on fun. Introduce your barbecue to something… little—our Little Potatoes, that is. They’re easy to make, nutritious and flavorful. There’s no sweating over a hot oven inside and minimal prep time.


Here’s a novel idea: Creamers on the grill in a festive format. Try this new take on a meat-and-Little-potatoes classic—Easy steak and Creamer potato kabobs.Chat with guests as you assemble this one entirely outside, if you like. The concept is a kabob alternating tender, marinated beef cubes with our Garlic Parsley Microwave Ready potatoes. Add colorful skewers of peppers and button mushrooms—or a seasonal salad—to round off the meal.

Tangy side

Barbecue potatoes with horseradish sour cream also cook on the grill, but in a foil tray. Horseradish mixed with sour cream, lemon juice and green onions adds zip to tender, aromatic Creamers.


For al fresco breakfast on the deck, Tara Noland’s rustic-style Cowboy Hash Browns are ready on the barbecue in 25 minutes. Top with a poached egg, Parmesan, and hot sauce.

Find the recipes for breakfast in this How to cook little potatoes on grill post!


If you’re going to a potluck, or want everything done in advance, try No Dishes Grilled Breakfast Casserole. Gotta love the name and concept! Recipe Rebel blogger Ashley says this savory recipe of Creamers, ham, sweet peppers, green onions, eggs and cheese makes a complete breakfast, brunch or “brinner.”


Complement any of your favorite BBQ meals with our Roasting|Grill Ready Kits. These are pre-washed farm-fresh potatoes (no peeling required) in their own roasting tray.

Choose from three seasoning packs: A Little Garlic & Herb, A Little Roasted Red Pepper & Onion, and A Little Onion & Chive

See you outside. Happy grilling!