It’s our mission to make our Little Potatoes healthier for you in any way we can. It’s something we work on every day. Here’s the latest: all-natural seasonings for our Microwave Ready and Roast or Grill Ready Creamer potatoes.

These are handy one-pound, ready-to-cook trays of fresh Creamers. All you have to do is microwave, bake, or barbecue; then drizzle with butter or oil, toss in the included seasoning, and presto! No washing or peeling is required.

Here’s the gist:


Our seasoning packs are nutritious—with reduced sodium and sugar, plus all-natural ingredients, and no artificial flavors or colors. All are gluten-, allergen-, cholesterol- and fat-free. Most are vegan-friendly.

Choose from  A Little Garlic & Parsley and  A Little Savory Herb(Microwave Ready); and  A Little Garlic & Herb and A Little Onion & Chive (Roast or Grill Ready).


Our Microwave Ready Little Potatoes cook in just five minutes. No time for dinner? No worries.