Kids like to play. So if you can combine play with food, it’s all good. It’s always surprising to us how many people don’t know that Potatoes are vegetables—plus…. they’re tasty and versatile and kids love them.

Try these creative approaches to coaxing your little ones into eating the fresh, unprocessed veggies you put on their plates. Not only will they be healthy, but they’ll also develop lifelong nutritious eating habits.

First, get ‘em cooking


Kids like to eat the food they prepare.

Research confirms that kids involved in meal planning, purchasing, and prep will eat well and continue making wise nutrition choices for their entire lives.

That’s what we found when we put together our Little Chef Program, which promotes fun, safe, simple, and healthy cooking with kids.

Then, choose kid-friendly recipes

Cooking with children needs to be simple and enjoyable.

Set yourselves up for success: Start with ingredients they like and recipes with just a few steps.

Under 15 minutes of prep time is a good measure. Try our kid-friendly recipes on our Pinterest page. 

Eat Little Potatoes!

It takes time for most kids to warm up to spicy flavors, unusual textures, and strong aromas.

Little Potatoes are buttery and mild, creamy and fluffy and most kids just love them. They’re also nutritious, low in sodium, and gluten-free.

Kid favorites include oven fries with dip or ketchup, mashed potatoes, and BBQ kabob Creamers.

Or try them camouflaged, as in Potato Waffles and Pomegranate Molasses.

Other young kid crowd-pleasers are Little Chef Bacon Wrapped Creamer Potatoes, and Smashed Potato Pizza. 

Keep it simple at first and one day you’ll be surprised they’ll eat Thai Green Curry!

And, create food in fun packages

Presentation matters! So make your children’s food look spunky and inviting.

Consider Creamers in playful shapes—hearts, flowers, trucks, bugs—and funny likenesses—smiley faces, holiday and storybook characters.