Top 5 Thanksgiving leftover recipes

Top 5 Thanksgiving leftover recipes Top 5 Thanksgiving leftover recipes

The Thanksgiving feast is over, and you’ve got a fridge jammed with turkey dinner leftovers. What to do? Besides endless sandwiches and re-heats, which does start to get tedious, here are five delicious, inventive meals you can put together with all the extras. No one will even know it’s leftovers!

5 top post-feast dishes à la leftovers

Chunky veg soup

Boxing Day Potato Soup isn’t just for December 26th—any post-turkey dinner scraps will do. This one is simple and simmers in the slow cooker all day, filling the house with tantalizing aromas. Onions, celery, mushrooms, thyme, bay leaves and sweet Blushing Belle Creamers, plus either homemade or store-bought broth, make a rich base for this chunky veg and turkey soup. Improvise by tossing in one cup of any Thanksgiving leftovers: mashed potatoes, gravy, even the cranberry sauce. Or, here’s another hearty soup option: Homemade Turkey Soup with Creamer Potatoes.



“Lasagne” with a twist

Potato Lasagne with Turkey and Vegetables comes from our Little Chef expert Naia. Savory and cheesy, this recipe combines layers of sliced Onion Medley Oven|Grill Ready Little Potatoes—instead of pasta noodles—with spinach, carrot, mozzarella and a rich Bechamel sauce. Substitute ground turkey for finely chopped leftover turkey. Make a double batch on the weekend, then re-heat for a quick, healthy weeknight dinner. The flavors will gel, making it even tastier the second time around.

Breakfast takeout

These are as yummy as they are cute: mini-muffin-sized quiche-like creations baked in a muffin pan for one-serving portions. Grab and Go Breakfast Potato Casserole is a healthy breakfast-in-one that’s easy to nibble on the commute, made from chopped turkey, Microwave Ready Garlic and Parsley Creamers, eggs, cream, shredded cheddar, bell peppers and green onions. Enjoy warm or at room temperature; great for lunch, brunch or brinner, too.

Grab-And-Go Breakfast Casserole - The Little Potato Company

Spicy Southwestern

Smoky Southwestern Potato and Corn Chowder doesn’t resemble a traditional turkey feast at all—and that’s the point: it’s something new and interesting with a spicy kick. Start with your leftover turkey (shredded) and grilled veggies, then build the zesty chowder base with Onion Medley Oven|Grill Ready Creamers, red onion, garlic, cumin, chili powder, milk, and broth. Enhance with grilled corn, red peppers, Jack cheese and sliced green onion. Control the heat by adding as much, or as little, chili powder as you like. Or, for a more traditional version, make Creamy Turkey Chowder.

Smoky Southwestern Potato and Corn Chowder - The Little Potato Company

Rich ‘n creamy scalloped

An ideal cold weather comfort food, Chicken Cordon Bleu Scalloped Potatoes are decadent, hearty and satisfying. This entrée is also super quick and easy (substitute chopped chicken for turkey). All you do is alternate layers of Savory Herb Microwave Ready Creamers and a creamy butter-flour-milk sauce with turkey and diced ham. Sprinkle with mozzarella and bake—it’s ready in half-an-hour. Garnish with fresh chopped parsley and serve with some leftover feast veggies on the side.

Chicken Cordon Bleu scalloped potatoes

Chicken Cordon Bleu scalloped potatoes


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