Tips for Entering Little Chef Family Edition by Last Year’s Winners

Tips for Entering Little Chef Family Edition by Last Year’s Winners

Our Little Chef – Cooking Together series has covered lots of topics from kitchen tips by Little Chef Owen, and Little Chef Arnav both sharing their culinary experiences since participating in the 2016 competition. Owen and his family visited Montreal and Arnav and his family traveled to Rome, as part of their runner-up and winner prizes (respectively) in last year’s Little Chef Competition.

To enter this year’s competition it’s really easy: you just need to submit a family photo and a 250-word essay about cooking together. The top 10 finalists will then submit a cooking video for viewers to vote on and will be announced on The Marilyn Denis Show. You could win a family trip to Tuscany, Italy, valued at $15,000: learn more here.

In the meantime, both Little Chefs Arnav and Owen have experienced being on-camera, and along with their Moms, are sharing tips for you at home entering this year’s Little Chef: Family Edition Competition.

Tips from Little Chef  Owen and his Mom JJ

The Little Potato Company's Little Chef Owen cooks at home with his brothers.

  1. Little Chef Owen says: “Be yourself! Have confidence in what you are cooking and try to show your passion for cooking. Even if you don’t make it past the top ten or get to go on The Marilyn Denis Show – don’t give up. I was second runner-up and it didn’t determine who I was as a person or cook. I have had the most amazing year and am so glad I entered the competition!”
  2. Owen’s Mom, JJ says: “The Little Chef competition is one of the best things we did when we entered Owen. He has learned so much in this past year and not just about cooking. He has learned speaking skills, new recipes, the goodness and kindness of strangers, and how every step or misstep is part of the learning process. It has truly been an amazing opportunity. Even just making the video to send into the contest was fun to do!I would tell families entering Little Chef competition to keep an open mind, to have fun with it and encourage your children to be themselves – to let their personalities shine through. It is a great way for kids to show off their talents.”

Tips from Little Chef  Arnav and his Mom Priya

  1. Little Chef Arnav shares: “When entering the competition, you should always be enthusiastic for the camera. No one can be on TV if they are not happy. Also, be creative; if you enter a simple video that just drags on, it will get boring. Try to keep the viewer entertained and intrigued with your entry. In addition, keep the time frame right. You don’t want to drag it too long, or else the viewer will probably just skip yours. Too short, and you wouldn’t have enough content to impress the person who chooses who moves forward. If you are in the finale, just keep practicing the recipe you are going to cook. When you appear on T.V, just stay confident and make sure you went over every step in your dish.Don’t stress it, make the whole experience fun for yourself!”
  1. Arnav’s Mom says: “For families entering the contest, be creative and have fun!”


What are you waiting for? Enter Little Chef: Family Edition now!

Enter Now! Win a Family Trip to Tuscany, Italy!This Sunday, October 22 is the deadline, at 11:59 PM EST. Get your family together this weekend, take a photo, write the short 250-word essay about why you love to cook together and enter our competition!

Full details about how to enter.

We can’t wait to see what you dish up!

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