It’s officially busy holiday season, and that makes us think about time saving. Anything we can do more efficiently means less time working in the kitchen and more time relaxing by the fire. Here’s one way: the microwave.

Cooking with the Microwave

If you think the microwave oven is just for reheating your leftovers, it’s time for a new perspective. Cooking Little Potatoes in the microwave means your side dish is cooked in five minutes.

Put pre-washed, no-peel Creamer potatoes into a microwave-safe bowl, cover with water, and cook on high for five minutes. Then drain, and toss with butter or olive oil and your choice of seasonings.

Even easier: our Microwave Ready option in different delicious flavor varieties— A Little Garlic & Parsley, A Little Savory Herb, and  A Little Lemon & Garden Herb , A Little Roasted Garlic, Rosemary & Thyme, A Little Smoked Salt

Because microwave steams food from the inside out, it actually does a much better job at preserving vitamin C and other nutrients, according to a study by Harvard Medical School. Plus, we’ve found it yields extra soft and buttery tasting Little Potatoes.

Time-Saving Recipes

To save time in the kitchen this holiday season, we’ve found four easy, quick recipes for you to try.

Creamer Potato Ham Soup

This soup is perfect for the cold weather and snuggling up with a loved one. Creamer, tender Creamer potatoes are the star in this hearty bowl.


Pizza Smashed Potatoes

Make these delicious nibbles with four ingredients. The kids will love making this one with you!


Easy Creamer Potatoes with Roasted Vegetables

Let the microwave do the heavy lifting to get this meal on the table faster.


Two-Bite Baked Potatoes

The ultimate baked potato in a Little package! These tender skins are just bursting with flavor—your guests will love them!


There you have it, you can pass on your newfound wisdom of time-saving in the kitchen, or keep this as a great meal hack idea!