Throw the best Canada Day BBQ ever

Throw the best Canada Day BBQ ever Throw the best Canada Day BBQ ever

Canada Day is such a terrific holiday because everyone—all Canadians from east to west—celebrates it. And in true diverse fashion, representing the multicultural country that Canada is, people, do it in their own signature way. You should, too.

Invite your friends, neighbors, and family over on July 1st and put on a festive, lively barbecue anchored by delicious, seasonal fare. Set the scene with great music, inspired decorations, festive libations, and creative dishes.

Here’s how to throw the best Canada Day barbecue ever.

Make it yours.

First and foremost, do it your way. Are you originally East Indian or British or Chinese or Mexican? Prepare special traditional dishes and put up decorations celebrating and spotlighting your culture—or try a new fusion-style twist on the classics.

For example, serve Sheet-Pan Thai Peanut Curry Bowl, a tangy and colorful meal in one with chicken, earthy Something Blue Creamers, coconut milk, red curry, and lime. Or try fully loaded Tex-Mex Tacos de Papas, otherwise known as Vegan Potato Tacos, or Middle Eastern Crispy Za’Atar Potatoes, an exotic—and easy—vegetarian side.

Make it Canadian.

Hang up some flags and put out the Canada-logo folding chairs. Work something quintessentially Canadian into your drink offerings, decorations, and menu: Quebec maple syrup-glazed pork chops or BC salmon on the BBQ? Moose burgers or Saskatoon berry pie? You decide. The key is something fun—or even funny. Wear a maple leaf or Mountie apron or moose hat or hockey jersey.

Hand out washable Canada-motif tattoos to guests. Serve Moosehead Lager, BC or Ontario wines, perhaps Screech from Newfoundland or Iceberg Vodka.

Make it red.

Pretty much everyone around the globe recognizes Canada as the emblematic maple leaf, plus the red and white colors. So work red—and white—into your table setting, flower arrangements, candles, balloons, twinkle lights, even the food, and hors d’oeuvres.

Red bell peppers BBQ’d in the grill basket, for instance, will look tantalizing alongside Easy Steak and Creamer Potato Kabobs.

Make it on the grill.

It’s a barbecue, after all, so make it easy on yourself and cook as many dishes as you can outside over the coals or gas flame: it’ll be simple, flavorful and mean few if any, dishes to wash after the party’s over.

Try quick Summer Barbecue Potatoes with only five minutes prep time, our no-fuss Oven|Grill Ready Creamers, a make-ahead Grilled Vegetable Platter with Lemon-Feta Dip or smoky Grilled Sausage, Potato and Mixed Green Salad.

Make it easy.

Use our no-brainer Summertime BBQ Checklist to ensure you’ve got everything you need to make it a fantastic, tasty, enjoyable (and stress-free) celebration.

And, make it like the pros with our Ultimate Grilling Tips for Backyard BBQers.

Happy Canada Day!


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