After watching the final edit of our new company video you are about to view, I was hit with a feeling of nostalgia of our humble beginnings. Having to retell our creation story for the camera gave me a chance to reflect on what we’ve achieved in just under 20 years.

As CEO and co-founder, I have naturally become the face of the Little Potato Company. This was not only encouraged by our marketing team but also the plan my dad had for me when we first started out. He immediately encouraged me to be front and center when dealing with our first potential customers.  I was initially uncomfortable with the idea, since I did not have any experience in sales or potatoes.

I did know that between the two of us, I was the more appropriate candidate simply because I was just a little more presentable than my father. The thought of my dad strolling into supermarkets and delis in thoroughly abused jeans and threadbare t-shirts to sell our wares just didn’t seem like a sound marketing strategy. Not to mention his often-dirty hands and aversion to razors, it seemed like a slam-dunk argument for my position as the public face of the Little Potato Company. The backroom workings of our small enterprise seemed more like my dad’s element while I became the reluctant face of the company.

My unease in being the spokesperson quickly disappeared as I not only became accustomed to the position but also learned to like it.  I grew to enjoy the interactions with customers and I came to understand the value of what we were trying to sell. Selling our potatoes is not only effortless but I feel honored to be their passionate ambassador because of what they represent to busy, healthy eating families. The pitch was essentially to tell it like it is while the passion came naturally.

I also became more of aware of the virtues of my father’s character with his dressed down attire and unassuming appearance.   I began to see it not so much as his neglect of his image but a focus on substance and character.  He is not man preoccupied with style and flash, which is obvious to anyone who meets him, but a man who seeks authenticity. What you see is what you get with my dad.  I, of course, choose not to wear beat up jeans and worn out t-shirts to work because I appreciate style and presentation, but not in lieu of what lies beneath.

So with that, I ask you when you watch the video below, please don’t be distracted by its melodic score, beautiful cinematography, or crafted narration but watch and listen to what it’s about.   Beneath its polished production is a story, not only of our company but also of the little potato itself, which is authentic and down to earth as where the potato comes from.  That’s why it’s so effortless to be an honored and passionate potato ambassador.

Thanks for reading,
Angela Santiago