Ten Potato Salad Recipes for Spring

Ten Potato Salad Recipes for Spring Ten Potato Salad Recipes for Spring

There’s nothing quite like a fresh and colorful potato salad to compliment almost any main dish. With the weather warming up outside, we’re dreaming of sunny picnics and family barbecues. Whether you want to load up on the dressing or lighten it up for a healthier option, we’ve found ten of our favorite and best Little Potato salad recipes for any occasion.

1. Vegan Gado-Gado Salad

Vegan Gado Gado Salad


Loaded with healthy veggies and protein from tempeh, this Indonesian-inspired salad is perfect for an on-the-go lunch.

2. Thai Kale Salad with Roasted Little Potatoes

Thai Roasted Potato Kale Salad - The Little Potato Company


Blend up your own homemade peanut dressing to add some salty touches to this kale and Creamer potato salad.

3. Potato and Ham Salad

Potato and Ham Salad


Rich, creamy, and loaded with ham, this indulgent salad is a tangy treat.

4. Lebanese Potato Salad

A traditional Lebanese potato salad recipe that’s topped with fresh herbs and a light lemony dressing. Bring this salad to a warm-weather cookout for a refreshing side dish.

5. Classic Potato Salad with Bacon

Classic Potato Salad with Bacon


Adding bacon as a topping makes this salad crunchy, creamy, and smoky. This will quickly become one of your go-to potato salad recipes.

6. Greek Yogurt Potato Salad


Lighten up a classic recipe by swapping out mayo with Greek yogurt. This one is perfect for those warm summer days, especially if you serve it chilled!

7. Tarpon Springs Greek Potato Salad

Tarpon Springs Greek Salad with Potato Salad - The Little Potato Company


Little potatoes bulk up this Greek salad made with a delicious homemade vinaigrette dressing. You’ve never had a Greek salad like this before!

8. Creamy Vegan Mayo-Free Potato Salad

Creamy Vegan Mayo-Free Potato Salad


Looking to keep it plant-based? This mayo-free version is a flavorful new spin on a standard side.

9. Crab Boil Potato Salad

Crab Boil Potato Salad


Seafood lovers, rejoice! This veritable fiesta of a dish includes Little potatoes, corn, and crab to bring the flavors of a crab boil right into your bowl.

10. The Classic Little Potato Salad


And finally, our classic recipe. There are two versions to keep it interesting, and they’re both topped with a tried-and-true dressing. These are sure to be staple salads at all your summer BBQs and pot lucks!

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