Do you have the winter blahs? In many parts of North America, this is the winter that just won’t quit. If you’re feeling sluggish and run down, give yourself a boost by ensuring you’re getting the most from your diet. Yes, you’re craving comfort food, and yes, you need it on the table fast. But you don’t need to sacrifice nutrition for quick, easy, and delicious. You just need a super vegetable!

Here come Creamer potatoes to the rescue. You know how amazing they taste and how simple and fast they are to prepare. But do you know just how good for you they are?

Super Potato

Potatoes are packed with nutrition—a true super vegetable. A 2011 study published by McGill University (Donnelly and Kubow) details the very long list of health benefits this veggie brings to your mind and body.


Like green vegetables, potatoes give you loads of important nutrients. They are an excellent source of energy and have very high-quality protein. And yet they are incredibly low calorie—one serving of Creamers is only 90 calories!

Minerals & vitamins

Creamers are also loaded with essential minerals like iron and potassium, which many North Americans don’t get enough of. Most of us are also severely lacking in the fiber department—yet another reason to eat those delicious skins! Plus, potatoes have vitamin C, several B vitamins, and various anti-oxidants that can have you back to feeling your best.


On top of this, Creamer potatoes contain zero fat, gluten, cholesterol, or sodium. You can keep them that way too. Because they taste so darn good on their own, with a naturally buttery flavor, you don’t need to dress them up with oils, fats, or extra calories.


The McGill study also points out another key health benefit. Potatoes are one of the few vegetables that offer “satiety”—a feeling of fullness and satisfaction that is so important for preventing over-eating.

All the more reason to choose Creamer potatoes and kick those winter blahs to the curb. This super vegetable can help you stay healthy and happy the whole year through