Spooky Halloween party appetizers

Spooky Halloween party appetizers Spooky Halloween party appetizers

One of the great thing about Halloween is that it’s the perfect excuse to make all kinds of wacky and weird dishes—things like witches’ fingers, goopy “eyeballs,” vampire teeth, and anything bats, ghosts, gremlins or ghouls. And while they might pretend otherwise, grown-ups and kids are equally into it. Who doesn’t want to nibble on a Shrunken Little Potato Head? They make for good break-the-ice party conversation starters, too.

If you’re getting ready to host a party this October 31st, here are some fantastic dishes and appetizers—some fun, some silly, some creepy—to get everyone into the holiday mood. With your party dilemmas solved, the only question left is, “Trick or treat?”

Monster Mash

For vegetables with just a few adornments, Halloween Potato Monsters are surprisingly expressive and will make even the most bah-humbug party guest crack a smile. Prepare our quick Microwave Ready Creamers, then decorate with the help of purple food coloring, water chestnuts, a Greek yogurt-herb mix, carrot slivers, and olives. We are partial to the Cyclops, but tap into your creativity to invent your monster varieties.

Disembodied Heads

Shrunken Little Potato Heads look pretty hilarious, and they’re tasty, too, roasted in rosemary and salt, then assembled with the help of cream cheese, pumpkin seeds and radish slices.

The Mummy

Like mini potato pizzas, Mummy Heads are spunky, savory and healthy: oven-roasted Terrific Trio Creamers topped with pizza sauce, pepperoni, and mozzarella. Fashion faces using sliced black olives and red bell pepper pieces.

Witches’ Brew

Vegan Creamy Cashew Curry Soup Potato Soup is a perfect hue of witchy green, not to mention intense and rich, with a kick of spice. Use a stencil or cookie cutter to make a jack o’ lantern or witch outline in smoked paprika over top before serving.

Say Boo with Bats

Try this delicious, health-conscious twist on the classic—Potato Lasagne with Turkey and Vegetables—easy to prepare in advance and then reheat for big groups. Spanish paprika, onion, garlic and ground turkey meld with spinach, mozzarella, flour, milk, butter, and Oven|Grill Ready Onion Medley Creamers for a wholesome fall entrée. “Paint” a bat or spider web in sour cream over the melted cheese top and serve.

While you’re at it, create invites or table name cards using Halloween Potato Stamping with Creamer cutouts. Happy Halloween!


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