We know Little Potatoes are terrific eating. But did you know they’re great for greasing your grill, too?

That’s right: rubbing your grill with a potato renders it non-stick—a special chef secret! (It’s the potato’s starch that does the trick and it’s especially effective with delicate, flaky fish—the kind that’s prone to falling apart during cooking.) It also makes your BBQ quicker to clean and means fewer charred bits left behind. Plus, it’s non-toxic, easy and it actually works!

Here’s how to grease your grill with a Little Potato in four simple steps:

1. Heat it up

Start with a clean surface. Heat the grill for about 15 minutes until it’s hot, around 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Cut your Creamer

Slice a (raw) Creamer in half.

3. Fork it

Jab the round side of the potato with a fork. Better yet, use a long barbecue fork so your hand is farther away from the heat.

4. Rub, repeat

Slip on a grill-friendly oven mitt to protect your hand from the heat and rub the flat side of the potato back and forth in sweeping motions over one-half of your hot grill. Replace the potato half and repeat, covering the remaining portion of the grill surface. You will hear the BBQ sizzling (that’s good). When you are finished, you can start grilling.

5. Repurpose!

And, if you’re like us and you don’t like waste, just slice off the Little Potato portion that greased your grill, about one-quarter of an inch off the cut surface, send it to the compost, and use the rest in your favorite soup or casserole dish.

Voilà! You are ready. Happy (no-stick) grilling!