Potatoes + The Little Potato Company = feeding the world better!

Potatoes + The Little Potato Company = feeding the world better!

We think everyone should eat potatoes—in particular, our Little Creamers.

Why? They are hands-down one of the most nutritious vegetables around. They even have more protein, fiber and iron, plus vitamins and minerals than broccoli in one serving. Take a look at this comparison chart. The gist: way more low-cal/carb, yet up to triple the potassium of other popular side dishes- you get great flavor for less calories.

That’s why we feel great about donating 2,000 pounds a month to our local food bank here in Edmonton, AB. Because we know patrons are getting the “new old Super Food” with 6 percent of daily recommended iron and nearly 700 mg of potassium, in a buttery-tasting package that’s fat- and gluten-free, clocking in at 90 calories per serving. Our Little Creamers are fast and simple to prepare, too—good news for food bank patrons.

Aside from Little Potatoes, giving back is a big priority. We also support The Edmonton Food Bank’s Plant A Row — Grow a Row project. Residents set aside a row, or area, in their gardens and deliver the harvest to the food bank warehouse. We had cook Little Creamers on site for hungry runners to enjoy after the annual Plant A Row — Grow A Row fun run. (Try this delicious recipe for savory Roasted Pesto Potatoes, ideal for feeding large groups.) Then we give them a goodie bag: seed potatoes to take home and plant in their own gardens.

Every January is dedicated to The Edmonton Food Bank. We encourage The Little Potato Company staff to volunteer for an afternoon or morning shift prepping, sorting and delivering healthy fare to the 15,000 homeless, low-income and at-risk people served each month. Forty percent are children under 18, and we think that’s 40 percent too many.

Our donated Little Creamers are a healthy “fast” food option! Our pre-washed, no-peel Microwave Ready potatoes come with one of three herb mixes and are ready to eat in about five minutes. Easy and nutritious.

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