Potatoes Are a Vegetable: Your Mom Said for You to Eat Your Vegetable!

Potatoes Are a Vegetable: Your Mom Said for You to Eat Your Vegetable!

Remember when your Mom always said to eat your vegetables? At The Little Potato Company, we say the same thing. Why? Because potatoes are a vegetable, too!

Yes, it’s true. Many people don’t know our Creamer potatoes are a vegetable – and they are delicious and nutritious too!

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We are passionate about Creamer potatoes and it is all that we focus on at The Little Potato Company. Fully mature in their little size and naturally delicious, Creamer potatoes are coveted by foodies, chefs and especially by busy parents looking for convenient, healthy options to feed their family.

A vegetable, with a side of nutrition in every serving!

Creamer potatoes are a vegetable and packed with nutrition. They are a good source of potassium, vitamin B6, and a source of fiber. Learn more about nutrition in Creamer potatoes and how they contribute to an overall healthy balanced diet and lifestyle (so you can please your mom the next time she reminds you to eat your vegetables!).

Convenient for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Not only are Creamer potatoes a nutritious vegetable, they are convenient and cook in as little as five minutes! They’ll be a convenient and tasty vegetable option at your next breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

When it comes to eating vegetables, we have you covered with our Little Potatoes — the Creamer of the crop!

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