Whether you’re a runner, you lift weights, you’re a weekend warrior or an elite athlete – your body needs quality fuel to perform at its best.
As a whole food, naturally gluten-free and nutrient-dense, Little Potatoes are a uniquely powerful vegetable with wide-ranging benefits, suitable for any athlete, at any stage of their training journey.

Let’s explore a few of the key reasons why potatoes belong on the athlete’s plate…


A preferred source of energy for your brain, and a key energy source for your muscles. Having good quality carbohydrates in your diet saves your body from burning protein as a fuel source, which drains energy and depletes valuable muscle tissue1. Post-workout, carbs help to replenish glycogen stores that have been depleted during a tough training session.

Little Potatoes contain on average 22g of carbohydrates per serving. Foods that are higher in fiber and starch (such as Little Potatoes) are considered to be “complex” carbohydrates. They provide greater satiety and stabilize blood sugar better than simple carbohydrates, such as fruit, which are higher in sugar content.


Electrically charged minerals that help to maintain fluid balance, heart, nerve, and muscle function. When we sweat we lose more than just water, we lose electrolytes. To properly hydrate and replenish lost electrolytes post-workout, we need to ensure we are consuming a variety of fruits and veggies along with adequate water intake.


One of the 5 main electrolytes (along with sodium, calcium, magnesium, and chloride) that athletes need to stay properly hydrated—and Little Potatoes are a great source. Did you know Creamer potatoes contain more potassium than a banana?


A mineral that assists our body in forming red blood cells which carry oxygen to all our hard-working muscles and tissues. Without enough in the diet, we can be left feeling exhausted, unable to focus and maintain stamina2. This is especially detrimental during endurance activities, or when it comes to maintaining overall motivation or performance levels.

Athletes, females, and those on a plant-based diet require more iron, due to factors that reduce iron absorption or increase the body’s demand for red blood cells. They need to ensure they are consuming a variety of iron-rich foods every day. Containing 8% of your RDA for iron, Little Potato Creamers are a great choice for increasing your plant-based iron intake.

Creamers are a great addition to an athlete’s diet because they’re nutrient-dense carb, containing essential vitamins and minerals. Athletes can easily enjoy potatoes as part of their weekly meal planning through athlete-approved recipes such as Spicy Sriracha Nourish Bowls, or Tex Mex Veggie Hash.

Let us know what you’re training for! We’d love to hear how you’re planning to power up with potatoes.


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