Our Top 17 Recipes from 2017!

Our Top 17 Recipes from 2017!

To celebrate the start of a new year, we’re looking back at all of the delicious, nutritious, and convenient recipes that you loved in 2017. We found your favorite 17 recipes from our Recipe Center to help you kick-start a year of delicious meals! Bon appetit!

17. Garlic Parmesan Scalloped Potatoes

This comfort food dish is so easy to make!

16. Slow Cook Beef Stew

Slow Cook Beef Stew - The Little Potato Company

This hearty, healthy comfort food stew is full of delicious, tender beef and an assortment of nutritious veggies.

15. Smoky Southwestern Potato and Corn Chowder

Smoky Southwestern Potato and Corn Chowder - The Little Potato Company

Use up your leftover veggies to make this smoky, comforting stew that’s bursting with flavor.

14. Weekend Roast Chicken and Potatoes

Chicken Dinner Weekend Roast with Little Potatoes

Treat yourself this weekend to a savory, juicy roast with creamy Little Potatoes.

13. Buttered Dill Potatoes

Buttered Dill Potatoes - The Little Potato Company

Steam your Little Potatoes and then lightly toss them in dill and butter to make this light and fresh-tasting side dish.

12. Baked Mashed Potato Bites

Baked Mashed Potato Bites

Parmesan, prosciutto, and creamy mashed potatoes make this a delectable appetizer everyone will love.

11. Sticky Potatoes

Sticky Potatoes

This sweet and sour Korean-inspired side dish will make your mouth water!

10. The Classic Little Potato Salad

The Classic Little Potato Salad - The Little Potato Company

Perfect for summer barbecues or potlucks, this unique twist on a classic dish will be a flavorful addition to any spread.

9. Loaded Crock Pot Little Potatoes

Loaded Crock Pot Little Potatoes - The Little Potato Company

Delicious toppings like bacon, green onions, and shredded cheese make these slow cooker potatoes a comfort food favorite.

8. Crock Pot Chunky Beef and Potato Stew

Chunky Crock Pot Beef Stew - The Little Potato Company

We love this recipe because you just toss everything into the slow cooker in the morning and come back at dinner time to a sumptuous all-in-one meal.

7. Sage & Garlic Roasted Vegetables with Little Potatoes

Sage and Garlic Roasted Vegetables - The Little Potato Company


These roasted vegetables are a delicious addition to holiday spreads or any weeknight meal.

6. Slow Cooker Creamy Vegetable Soup

Slow Cooker Creamy Vegetable Soup Recipe

Starting to see a trend? Our slow cooker recipes are just that good! This one has a creamy base to flavor all of the veggies!

5. Cheesy Grilled Potatoes with Bacon

Cheesy Potatoes with Bacon

Because what’s comfort food without potatoes, cheese, and bacon?

4. Rosemary Roasted Potatoes

Rosemary Roasted Potatoes - The Little Potato Company

These roasted potatoes are so easy to make, seasoned to perfection and only need five ingredients!

3. Garlic Potatoes with Parsley

Garlic Potatoes with Parsley in a Grill Basket

Another simple side dish that’s ready in a pinch with only five ingredients.

2.Weeknight One-Tray Roasted Herb Potatoes

Garlic Roasted Potatoes with Chicken and Cauliflower - The Little Potato Company

Roasted cauliflower adds delicious creamy texture to this all-in-one weeknight meal.

1. Easy Potatoes 4 Ways

Little Potatoes 4 Ways

Fry them, roast them, boil them, or grill them—you can make four different kinds of potatoes with the same five ingredients! No wonder it’s our top recipe of the year!

Wishing you many happy cooking adventures in 2018!

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