No Gluten? No Problem.

No Gluten? No Problem.

Whether for dietary, health (Celiac) or personal preference reasons, eating gluten-free can sometimes feel like a challenge. No need, though. Eating sans gluten can be super tasty and nutritionally balanced—and fun. There’s no reason to rely on a few bland fallbacks, such as the requisite gluten-free pasta or muffins.

Expand your palate with non-gluten carbohydrates of the beneficial kind—that is complex, fiber and vitamin-filled—in other words, Little Potatoes. Then you can mix and match Creamers with a vast array of other good carbs: legumes (peas, lentils, beans), grains (brown rice and quinoa), root veggies (carrots and parsnips) and corn (that includes corn tortillas) to enhance flavors, textures, aromas, and crunch.

Good carbs are our bodies’ fuel, after all, and should be a major part of any healthy diet with the “all things in moderation” mantra, of course. Try one of these terrific gluten-free recipes tonight. Happy cooking and eating!

Comfort food = turkey soup

Perfect for chilly late winter/early spring nights, chunky, thyme-infused Creamy Turkey Chowder is satisfying and filling, plus it uses up that leftover turkey (or substitute with chicken). This one is fully loaded with fiber-filed veggies: buttery Boomer Gold Creamers, carrots, celery and corn. Make a double batch and freeze for a quick reheat dinner another night.

Not your grandma’s potato salad

You gotta love the name: Guilt-free Hot Potato Salad puts to rest any memories of grandma’s bland version. This one draws complementing flavors from fresh dill, white vinegar, Dijon mustard, crunchy red bell peppers, onions and delicate scallions—and it’s colorful. Serve hot or warm, but it’s delicious from the fridge, too. Pack it in your work lunch for something more interesting than the usual ham-and-cheese on gluten-free bread.

Dipper appies

Movie night? Neighbors coming for dinner? Put out Fried Potato Pickle Pops to get the party started. Tangy and crisp outside, thanks to a nicely textured cornmeal crust, tender inside, these are fantastic dipped in gluten-free Ranch. Beware: they’re as addictive as chips!

Potluck dinner winner

Potato Reuben Stacks will attract fans at the potluck table or on the buffet line. A gluten-free mashup of the classic Montreal smoked meat sandwich concept. These little guys consist of shaved corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss and a little Thousand Island dressing layered on top of seasoned, roasted Terrific Trio Creamers.

Perfect roast side

Luscious Sour Cream Lemon Potatoes and Carrots round off any protein dinner entrée, especially roasted pork, chicken, and beef or poached fish. Fresh dill pairs well with the creamy mix, enhanced by sweet caramelized baby carrots, plus bold and attractive Something Blue Creamers. Fresh-squeezed lemon juice adds zing. This dish is quick and easy, too.


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