Mother’s Day: Fond food memories and favorite potato recipes

Mother’s Day: Fond food memories and favorite potato recipes Mother’s Day: Fond food memories and favorite potato recipes

For many of us, thinking of our mothers brings back fond childhood recollections—and these are often woven together with equally happy memories of food.

Food engages all the senses, and the sight, touch, taste, and smell of that special childhood dish can help reignite those feelings of being a kid.

Family traditions

For Joanna, Marketing Manager at Little Potato Company, long-time family recipes have been passed down to her and her siblings with great significance—with the dishes often being showcased at their big family gatherings.

“My mum has put us all in charge of different important family recipes – bun making to my brother, cake baking to my sister, and the preparation of our coveted potato salad to me.”

But while her family loves their traditional recipes, Joanna also enjoys experimenting and trying new ways of preparing Creamers.

Her latest favorite recipe is the Terrific Trio Potato Salad with Sundried Tomato and Feta. “I’ve fallen in love with it!”

Quality time in the kitchen

Alicja, Quality Assurance Manager, said that potatoes have always been a big part of her culinary life.

“I like them boiled, fried, as an ingredient in dumplings, pierogi, soups, salads, casseroles—you name it.”

She has very fond memories of a tasty Polish Potato Casserole that she used to make with her Mom.

“This was our time together to relax, laugh and talk.  And as an added bonus —the dish was delish.”

Next generation potato pancakes

Tara Noland, one of our Little Potato Company Brand Ambassadors, has special memories of her Irish grandmother who lived with her family when she was growing up.

“My grandmother was a simple cook, an Irish cook, so you know potatoes made their way into almost every recipe. My fondest memories are of her making potato pancakes and potato scones.”

Tara came up with her own Potato Pancake recipe and thinks she nailed it—crispy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside.

Now it’s your turn. If you have a potato recipe inspired by your mother please submit it to our website. We would love to share it.

And from all of us at Little Potato Company, Happy Mother’s Day!

Image: Noshing with the Nolands

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