With all the activities of a busy family lifestyle, you may constantly feel as though you’re racing against the clock. But when it comes to preparing a quick and easy family meal, it needn’t be stressful. Even if you have to get dinner on the table lickety-split, you can take Little potatoes and turn them into a delicious experience every night of the week without having to overthink it.

The naturally buttery flavour can be as simple as tossing sliced Little potatoes in a bowl with some freshly chopped garlic, rosemary, and a drizzle of olive oil, or you can add other fresh ingredients to pre-cooked Creamer potatoes for internationally inspired flavours.

For Asian-Inspired Little Potatoes

Simply add some freshly diced ginger and garlic to a pan with butter. Then, add a little sesame oil, teriyaki sauce, and soy sauce. Take your cooked Little potatoes and toss them well, garnish with toasted sesame seeds, and serve.

For a Perfect Mexican-Flavoured Side Dish

Add a good pinch of Mexican chili powder, or taco seasoning, along with ground cumin, fresh coriander, and a squeeze of lime to your cooked and halved Creamer potatoes. Try my full recipe.

For Quick Grilled Little Potatoes

Use cold, cooked Little potatoes, cut them in half, then toss them in olive oil with a sprinkling of smoked paprika before grilling. I like to then toss the cooked Creamer potatoes in a bowl using one tablespoon of my favourite barbecue sauce, along with some diced green onions, just before serving.

For Quick and Easy Mashed Potatoes

Boil the Creamer potatoes together in salted water with three cloves of garlic and a quarter cup of finely diced onions. Drain the potatoes, mash them roughly, and then add a good scoop of creamy ricotta cheese. Add some grated Parmesan, Pecorino, or even your favourite cheddar cheese to make this family favourite.

Save Even More Time with Microwave Ready Little Potatoes

For freshly steamed Little potatoes, pick up a Microwave Ready tray, use the seasoning provided, and in less than five minutes your potatoes are ready to serve.

Even when you have to pull a meal together really quickly, you don’t have to compromise on taste and nutrition. Spend more of your time enjoying the meal, and less time stressing.

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