MasterChef Canada Challenge: 2018 Winning Recipe

MasterChef Canada Challenge: 2018 Winning Recipe

We’re happy to announce the winner of the MasterChef Canada and The Little Potato Company Competition, crowning Irene L. from Ontario as the culinary challenge champion for her original, creative recipe, “Little Potato Roses”. Irene was selected by competition judges including celebrity Chef Michael Bonacini, Oscar Bonacini, and The Little Potato Company Director of Creative Services, John Edmonds. After tasting and shortlisting recipes from Canadians across the country, the judges determined the finalist based on little potato usage, taste, visual impact, and story. Irene’s recipe was inspired by her rose garden, gifted to her by her husband. She used 18 red and yellow potatoes for crispy petals, along with eight more to create a creamy mashed potato base.

Chef Michael Bonacini cooked the winning dish live on The Marilyn Denis Show.

Our culinary challenge winner Irene L. took home the grand prize of $10,000, a 10-piece Le Creuset cook set, and a one-year supply of Little Potatoes (not to mention, bragging rights, of course)!

About the 2018 Master Chef Contest: Grand Prize and Top 5 Finalists

For 2018, we challenged you to channel your inner foodie and create an original, masterful recipe. After receiving hundreds of delicious entries we’re so excited to announce our top five finalists for the $10,000 grand prize in our competition with MasterChef Canada! They are:

1. Michelle C. from Toronto
2. Terri G. from Calgary
3. Irene L. from Port Dover
4. Nancy V. from Stoney Creek
5. Joanna V. from Lillooet

A huge congratulations to our Top 5! Their recipes moved on to the final judging round where renowned Master Chef Michael Bonacini selected the winner, along with fellow judges mentioned above, and he cooked the dish live on The Marilyn Denis Show, which aired Wednesday, December 19, 2018! For those interested in more culinary contests, keep your eye on our website, and the MasterChef Canada page to learn what’s in store for 2019.

Winning Recipe: Little Potato Roses

Try the winning dish at home.


Chef Michael Bonacini Recipe Inspiration

The Little Potato Company grows only Creamer potatoes – it’s all we have done for more than 20 years! We love Little Potatoes and we hope your family and friends will love them too! Besides their naturally buttery taste, nutrition, they’re a super convenient way to elevate any dish in your kitchen.

Master Chefs like Michael Bonacini are all too familiar with choosing the freshest, top-quality ingredients. And Chef Bonacini has created five exclusive Little Potato recipes to help inspire you in the kitchen when creating your own masterful dish!

Learn from Chef Bonacini in our Video Gallery.

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