Little Chef Chris’ Culinary Trip to Paris

Little Chef Chris’ Culinary Trip to Paris

Hi there! I wanteLittleChefAmbassadorChris-family-with-Spudley-in-Parisd to share my family culinary trip to Paris with you. We had such a wonderful time, it was everything we expected and more; truly a family trip of a lifetime!

Spudley certainly got A LOT of attention in the city, and it was great fun to tell complete strangers why we were taking pics with a potato, and how it all came to be as co-winner of the Little Chef Contest 2015.

I’m excited to share some of my favorite memories and pictures of our family trip to Paris!


Day #1 

We arrived after a very long 8 hour flight, and took a long nap in our beautiful hotel. We soon strolled to a café for a quick bite, and made our way to the Eiffel Tower. What a way to start the trip!

Day #2

We woke up and had delicious croissants for breakfast. We walked down to the River Seine and hopped onto one of the boat tours. What a great way to get a first taste of Paris by seeing all of the sights! After that we wandered around the streets (they are so narrow!) and got a sense of where we wanted to go. From there we stopped and had a wonderful picnic in one of the beautiful gardens.



Day #3

What a beautiful day! We had a great breakfast and strolled to the Arc de Triomph and walked up its 300 steps. Following that we had the best lunch at a small café, and walked along the Champs Elysées. And for dinner I tried the Parisian delicacy Escargot!


Day #4

We walked along the edge of the Seine and made our way to the Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral. (I didn’t expect to love the cathedral as much as I did).

Day #5

Our family rented a car and drove to the north of France to Vimy Ridge Canadian memorial. It was so interesting to walk in the trenches where tens of thousands of brave Canadians walked before the great battle. What a great experience! We should all be so proud we are Canadians!


Day #6

Another long car ride to the beaches of Normandy and the English Channel coast.  We arrived at the Canadian Juno Beach Centre. We took a tour and walked through the German bunkers that the Canadians captured. It was very emotional walking on the beaches where the Canadians stormed Juno, and dipping my feet in the channel.

Day #7

We took the local Metro to the district of Montmartre. We walked along the very artsy neighborhood on our way to the Cathedral of Sacre Coeur. The cathedral offered access to the top dome and we overlooked all of the city.

Day #8

We saved the best for last-I got to go to the cooking school! It was quite an adventure trying to find the school with my dad; when we finally arrived, we were greeted by the chef and brought to the kitchen. (I was so excited). We made an amazing 5 course meal that included a great Potato Gratin, a Prosciutto Wrapped Pork Roulade, Baked pistachio coated cheese, and a chocolate lava cake. I had the best time doing it and learned lots of new skills and techniques such as giving volume to a salad. Chef Eric was very friendly and was impressed with my skill and he made learning new things so much fun! We all sat down and enjoyed our meal that we made.

I made lots of great memories thanks to the Little Potato Company. A great once in a lifetime opportunity. Good people, fantastic food, and an amazing time in Paris!  MERCI!!



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