Little Chef Ambassador Naia’s Adventures in Paris!

Little Chef Ambassador Naia’s Adventures in Paris!

Little Chef Ambassador Naia, co-winner of our 2015 Little Chef Contest shares her diary entries from her family adventures in Paris.

Day #1 










I can’t believe the day is here! We are leaving for PARIS! I am SO excited to see Paris. I have never been to Europe and I hear it is really beautiful! Me and my sister Sabrina took Spudley to the airport. The flight was 7 hours and we watched movies the whole way! Spudley slept for the flight. He was tired! When we got to Paris, we had the most delicious crepes for lunch! They really love their chocolate spread in Paris, it was in almost anything….wondering if I can make a little potato dish with that, but I think probably not! While we were walking down the street we saw an incredible seafood display! There was so much fresh food in Paris!  Everything was delicious!

After lunch with headed to a local park. Almost every park in Paris is huge and has a palace in the background and amazing fountains! There are people sitting on the grass in the parks everywhere! They are often eating baguettes and cheese! On our way back to our hotel, we stopped into a chocolate shop ad inside there was a big Eiffel Tower made out of chocolate! We tasted the most incredible macaroons and they were yum, yum, yummy!

Our hotel was super cool, it had awesome jellyfish lights and each room had a different theme. Our room was themed after ‘Alice In Wonderland’ and I got to sleep under a light shaped like the Cheshire Cat! After we checked in, we went to a great Thai restaurant for dinner and Sabrina and I toasted with sparkling water to our first day in Paris!





Day #2

We woke up to a new day in Paris and we went to a crazy neat restaurant called ‘Planet Sushi’. It was amazing and had a great conveyer belt that passed by our table. We could grab whatever we wanted and eat away! This was one of Spudley’s favorite restaurants, although he did ask me why they didn’t have any potato sushi! The kid’s meal they had was shaped like happy face!!

After lunch with went walking to the Louvre, which is one of the most famous museums in the world! It was so grand and the glass pyramid was really unbelievable! Inside the museum the statues were so detailed and the paintings were breathtaking. The best part was getting to see the Mona Lisa! It was so great to see a painting that survived all these years! Spudley did not want to leave!

When we left the museum we walked over to another fantastic park that had a carnival! We went on this super fast car ride and it was really fun! We ended the day with a snack of beignets and churros doused in icing sugar! Delish!!!


Day #3 

I can’t believe we are already at day 3! I am loving walking the streets of Paris with my family! There is so much to see and everyone is so nice!

For breakfast today we had the most delicious and crusty baguettes and croissant with jam and butter. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of them….we were so busy eating we forgot! After breakfast we got to go to our culinary experience! We met Chef Dominique and he was really nice and taught us how to make the most incredible three course meal!  We started off by making a chocolate cake with a melting heart.  It was super easy and had buckwheat flour, chocolate chips, cane sugar and eggs. And it was gluten free, which is cool! After he showed us how to make a zucchini spaghetti appetizer with sundried tomatoes and goat cheese. He showed me how to plate it nicely by twirling the zucchini nicely into a glass. It was very refreshing! Lastly, he showed us how to make a crispy duck with roasted garlic potatoes and buttered carrots. It was the most amazing meal! We had such a great time learning to cook!

In the afternoon we got to see the Eiffel Tower! It was so cool! They even hung a soccer ball from the middle to support France’s soccer team. Spudley couldn’t believe how tall it was!


Day #4

Today was one of my favorite days because we went to Paris Disney! First we went to the town square and had a Croque Monsieur, which is like a fancy grilled cheese with ham in the middle. We also had the most delicious strawberry tart! Afterwards we went on this ride called Autopia! I got to drive a gas powered car!! After we saw WALL-E and EVA. Later we went on a boat ride with Spudley and went through an Alice In Wonderland Maze. We also went on a great Pirates of the Caribbean ride which was dark and cool! We also took a ride on a train through the park and toured Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Paris Disney was the best!

Day #5

Today we slept in and went to a nice lunch at an Italian restaurant! The food was amazing! Dessert was the best part! We had a frozen orange with gelato, crème Brule and a vanilla panna cotta. It was the most incredible meal! I will remember it for a long time!

After lunch we went to the Paris Zoological park. We saw all kinds of animals, including penguins, sea lions, rhinos, lions, gazelles, zebras, giraffes, monkeys, lizards, turtles, flamingos, ant eaters and snakes!  It was amazing!

We ended our day at another park and played on all kinds of cool playground structures! It was awesome!

Day #6

I can’t believe this is our last day in Paris! My family and I had the most spectacular time and I can’t thank everyone at the Little Potato Company enough for the best experience ever!

Today we went to see the palace in Versailles. It was like nothing I have ever seen. They had gorgeous paintings everywhere and stunning bedrooms. The beds were kind of small for kings and queens! I wish I would have had a chance to see the kitchen! I bet it would have been an awesome place to cook! The hall of mirrors was so pretty! We could see ourselves from every angle! And the gardens were full of huge fountains, water features and millions of flowers!

For dinner we went to a crepe place that had a buckwheat crepe with cheese and a runny egg in the middle! Spudley loved it!

After that we went to the Love Lock bridge and my mom and dad attached a lock with all of our names on it and the year. While we were putting on the lock we looked at the incredible views. The Seine River was beautiful.

We enjoyed our trip to Paris so much! I hope to go there again one day!



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