Vegetable as super hero? Why not? If there’s a Plastic Man, Hawkgirl and Blue Beetle, there’s certainly room for a veggie or two. Think of Creamers as the humble hero.


The opposite of trendy, Little Potatoes are a true classic, the kind you can count on.

They’re always “in” no matter what the latest dietary trend is.

Whereas goji berries, Brussel sprouts and quinoa may be here today and passé tomorrow, nutrient-loaded, delicious and versatile Creamers are a timeless staple that’s here to stay.

Health hero

First, the Creamer is your health hero. An extremely nutritious vegetable, Little Potatoes give you more potassium than a banana: 19% of the total daily recommended amount. In addition, Creamers supply iron (8% of the daily requirement), fiber (12%), and vitamin C (6 to 10%).

Both the skin and the inside are good for you, too. And that’s all while being fat-, gluten-, and cholesterol- free.

Good carbs

Second, Creamers make you feel like a hero.

That’s because Little Potatoes deliver “good carbs,” making you feel like a million bucks. With only 20 calories (fully dressed), each contains about 20 g of complex carbohydrates.

Our bodies need complex carbohydrates—found in fruit, vegetables, legumes, and cooked whole grains—to stabilize blood sugar. In fact, physicians recommend that we get 45 to 65% of our calories every day from complex carbohydrates.-1

These are filled with fiber, which our bodies absorb more slowly.

That makes us feel full (and less likely to binge on sweets).

Not only do these good carbs help us stay trim, but they also lower our risk of chronic diseases and could help in reducing the chance of developing colon cancer.-2

On the other hand, “bad carbs”—found in foods such as white rice and white bread—sap our energy.

That’s because highly refined and processed foods don’t have the fiber, water, and nutrients we need.

These have been stripped out, often replaced with fat and sugar, which as we all know are culprits for obesity, diabetes and heart disease.-3

Great recipes

So next time you prepare that light and zingy French Potato Salad or Roasted Potato & Veggie Power Bowl, remember it’s not just a delicious entrée your getting.

You’re also getting the Super Hero Treatment.



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