I love to host a backyard party, whether it’s a big event or an intimate gathering with family. It doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated—all you need is a little bit of planning ahead!

You and your guests can have a great time if you plan ahead for these things:

Beverages: have something for everyone, and enough, plus don’t forget about the kids! Try making it interesting with homemade cocktails or mocktails.

Music playlist: Music is key! Have a playlist queued up to really keep the party rocking. Not sure what to play? I’ve put together a playlist for you to help set the mood.

Guest lists and seating:  How many people are coming? Where are they going to sit? Make sure everyone is sitting near someone they get along with, to keep things going smoothly.

Games: Having some games are a great way to break the ice if you’re having people over who don’t know each other very well. Some of my favorites are ladder ball, bocce, and horseshoes. You can’t go wrong with those!

Easy, Crowd-Pleasing Food

Once you’ve planned the drinks, ambiance, seating, and games, you’ll want to make sure you have enough food on hand!

Doesn’t matter who’s coming, you know everyone will love Creamer potatoes. Here are some of my grilling recipe ideas to get you started.

Grilled Greek Kebabs

Marinated chicken and Creamer potato kebabs served over a bed of refreshing Greek salad.

Pork Chops with Potato, Peach, and Basil Salad

Peaches are a great way to add some seasonal summery flavor to your standard potato salad.

Smoked Beef Sirloin and Creamer Potatoes with Romesco Sauce

A flavor-packed smoked meat and grilled potato dish with a tangy Catalonian romesco sauce. This dish is all about the texture and makes a great entrée, finished off with that crispy arugula.

Jamaican-Style Chicken and Creamer Potatoes

A Caribbean-inspired dish with a mango topping. A great way to spice up a summer meal with a tropical vibe at home!

Lamb and Creamer Potato Mini-Brochettes

Easy grilled lamb meatballs and Little potatoes served with a fresh and creamy raita sauce. The ground lamb is a nice way to enjoy rich lamb flavor at an affordable cost.

Now you’re all set to host any kind of backyard party, have fun with it!