You’ve spent years honing your grilling skills, creating mouth-watering mains—the ultimate steaks, chicken, fish, ribs and veggie fare. And now that another barbecue season is fast approaching it’s a good time to start thinking about expanding your repertoire to include the perfect barbecued side dish—Creamer potatoes.

When it’s sunny outside, why spend any more time than you have to prepping sides when there are delicious ways to cook potatoes right on the grill?

Creamer potatoes are perfect for the grill. Their small size helps them cook quickly, and because there’s no need to peel the thin, tasty, nutritious skins, your Creamer potatoes won’t stick to the grill.

How to Cook little Potatoes Right on the Grill

Brush with your favorite flavored oil or sauce, and barbecue for just 15 minutes. They turn out crispy on the outside with nice grill marks, and creamy and soft in the center. Perfect!

An Easy Recipe for Grilled Little Potatoes

Crispy outside, soft inside, and so simple!

Cook Time: 20 minutes, turning often
Cook’s Tip: Can be grilled without skewers, turn loose little potatoes for even cooking. If using bamboo skewers, soak them for an hour, then drain and freeze. They’ll be ready in a hurry when you need them.
You Need: Mixing bowl, metal or bamboo skewers, sharp knife, barbecue tongs.
Makes: Six skewers



  1. Toss Little potatoes in the mixing bowl with oil.
  2. Choose similar-sized potatoes for each skewer for even cooking.
  3. Carefully thread six Creamer potatoes onto each skewer.
  4. Place directly over medium flame on a grill.
  5. Watch carefully, and turn often to cook evenly, about every three minutes.
  6. Creamer potatoes are done when skin is crispy and the interior is soft when pierced with a sharp knife.
  7. Drizzle with a little oil if desired, and season with salt and pepper.
  8. Serve with your favorite dip.

You can also try this easy recipe for grilled potatoes on a skewer!

How to Grill Creamer Potatoes in a Foil Pack


Make a foil envelope for quartered Creamer potatoes, onions, a little ham, butter and seasonings and put it right on the grill at low heat for about 40 minutes.

To perfectly steam the potatoes, make sure the foil is sealed tightly to keep in the moisture. You can also par-boil the potatoes first to ensure they cook fully, and if your grill has wide grates, a grill tray or skewers are a great solution!

Experiment with your favorite flavors and ingredients, you can’t really go wrong! The result is beautifully steamed, creamy potatoes in a delicious sauce. Want a more in-depth tutorial for cooking with a foil pack? We have a whole how-to on it.

An Easy Recipe for Grilled Little Potatoes in a Foil Pack

Easy for camping and an outdoor grill. Make ahead, keep cool, then toss on the coals!

Cook Time: 20 minutes for individual packets.
Cook’s Tip: Make a tight seal to keep moisture in when turning packets.
You Need: Heavy-duty aluminum foil, sharp knife, mixing bowl, flat tongs (that do not puncture foil)



  1. Slice Creamer potatoes into 1/2″ thick rounds (no washing or peeling required!).
  2. Lay out a 16″ long piece of foil for the full recipe, or 4″ to 8″ pieces for individual packets.
  3. In a mixing bowl, toss together potatoes, onion, seasoning, and oil.
  4. Place potatoes in the middle of the foil, no more than two layers deep.
  5. Wrap foil bringing up two edges and folding over two or three times. Press to seal edges. There should be a little space between the contents and the foil.
  6. Roll each end at least two times and press to seal. This will make a somewhat oblong shape.
  7. Packets can be stored in a cool place for cooking later if desired.
  8. Place packet(s) on a grill over medium flame, or ‘nestled’ in hot coals. Do not place directly on a fire, as the packets will burn.
  9. With tongs that aren’t sharp, turn packets over for even cooking.
  10. Remove and allow to sit for five minutes, to reabsorb delicious moisture and finish cooking.
  11. Open the long seam of the packets carefully to avoid steam.
  12. Season to taste.

For a full meal deal, try recipes like our Cod, Chorizo, and Potato Foil Packs or our Chicken Fajitas in Foil Packs.

How to Clean the Grill

Using a metal-bristle grill brush, always scrape the still-hot grill grate clean before and immediately after every use. If you don’t have a brush, a crumpled ball of heavy-duty aluminum foil the size of an orange will do. With a clean grill, heat transfers better, and fire flare-ups are minimal.

Keep it Simple with Oven | Grill Ready Little Potatoes

For extra convenience, our Roast or Grill Ready combine fresh Little potatoes in an easy-to-use roasting tray and savory seasoning pack. Just open the package, add the seasoning and splash of oil, and grill for around 30 minutes. Tasty, healthful meals couldn’t be easier!

Our Oven | Grill Ready Little Potatoes come in three flavors, with no artificial colors or flavors (all vegan and gluten-free too!). They’re perfectly delicious on their own as a side dish, but we also love adding them into other recipes to elevate them further.

 Garlic Herb

The perfect blend of sweet roasted garlic, onions, and fragrant rustic herbs. Try them in this recipe for Caprese Potato Skewers, an easy, summery appetizer.


Onion & Chive

A bold medley of sweet tangy onions and chives, lightly seasoned with aromatic spices. Marinate them overnight with peppers and pineapples to make these Orange Chicken Pineapple Potato Kebabs.


Roasted Red Pepper & Onion

A delectable harmony of red bell peppers and sweet onions. Combine them with melted cheese curds and bacon to make these Little Potato Campfire Home Fries.


You are now a certified grill master in everything from greasing to cleaning your grill, with an arsenal of recipes to try this summer. If you’re looking for even more cooking inspiration with our Oven | Grill Ready Little Potatoes, we have a whole section in our Recipe Center for you to investigate. Happy grilling!